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How To Easy Way Cook Methi And Makai Pancakes | Woman’s Era

Woman’s Era :- Methi & Makai Pancakes | Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square.
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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone this is chef Manojexecutive chef at Hilton Garden InnBuddha Dhamma Bunny Square and today I’mshowing you a very healthy recipe whichis methi and Malaysia pancakes so I’msure you will enjoy it so let’s have alook of the ingredients define flourfresh fenugreek leaves turmeric powderbaking powder oil some sprouts butterpapaya relish fresh contrast over andsolve for tablespoons of refined flourfresh[Music]methi fenugreek leaves pinch of turmericpowder some salt little of baking powder[Music]a little water[Music]valuable as a prospect[Applause]and this banana gilja oliseh butter I’mtelling it to meet you they were friendson the things I’ve already hit theciviliana very unconvincing a gravediggerSabrina honey Rob Rob abaya a relish[Music]spouts[Music]you

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