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Making Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon

5 elementary school age kids learning to make breakfast while homeschooled during corona virus madness

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

JJ’s watching his hands so Isaac iswashing his handsgood job eyes and saviola is washing hishands good morning class today we’regonna have a cooking lesson savio kiitoswhat we’re gonna do today eggs bacon inpancakes is every I’m boredis everybody ready to crack an eggno-one’s gonna bring themselves right goahead Savannah is putting the bacon inthe airfryer which we will cook in therefor eight minutes well flip at fourminutes though good job Savannah goahead and pour our Bisquick for ourpancakes we need four cups make sureit’s even okay all right Savannah’s doneputting the bacon no you gonna put thatright and put it right in the airfryeryep okay Savannah our temperature issupposed to be at 394 bacon and we haveto do it for how long eight eightminutes okay so this is for thetemperature so can you um put it to 390you want to go up push the up-arrow verygood now change the time which is on thefar right push it down nope it’s okayhit the down arrow to eightlet’s put our pancake mix in the bowlwhoa that’s a whole lot of pancake mixgood job all right Isaac you’re gonnacrack how many eggs four eggs rightbecause we have to double our recipecorrect did you know how to crack an eggyou gotta hit a little bit harder alittle bit harder hold on look it rightbirdie there you go now there you gowhoa okay go ahead and crack an egg okaythere you go yep no you already crackedit now you gotta yup there you goseparate with your fingers you got itdon’t be scared okay that’s enough ohit’s four minutes all right JJ your turnwhoa look at that yep good job okay JJI’m noon so we have we are doing thisrecipe but we doubled it we have fourcups of this quick we have four eggs howmany cups of milk do you guys think weneed very good we need to because wedoubled our recipe right all right doyou have our measuring cup right thereokay go ahead JJ pour two cups I thinkhe’ll be fineIsaac what will we do with our drug ofmilkyes our empty jug of milk where will itgo okay go ahead and pour that into ourmixture that’s the how many cups of milknoon su-mei Savannahvery good you know is mixing it you thefirst to start mixing very good we gotJJ mixingwe’ve got Isaac mixingand you got Savio mixing and savannasmixingturn up the heat you gotta go back towhere it beats a little bit there you goright againthere you go okay Savio let’s go aheadand get some batter in that cup youcould use are your hands clean so youcan use your finger to wipe it offso looking like this okay and then goahead I’ll wash my handsput it right in there pour excellent jobthat’s good that’s enough that’s toomuch that’s too much that’s good enoughall right so gonna go on it flip themjust do not touch there you gogood job flip our baconalright Savannah use a smaller who usethe half a cup this time and you canyour hands are clean what you wash themat for the bacon so you can go ahead andwipe it off the side so it doesn’t dripeverywhere there you go and underneathyep there you go and underneath thereyou go okay yep and then go ahead andpour it inexcellent work yep and you can put thatright back in there when you’re doneokay good job all right go aheadSavannah under there you go and whipperyeahall right go ahead don’t touch there yougo good oh good job so far so good okayIsaac now use your other handyep there you go oh no because see thatthat’s okay you have to clean it all upokay cuz you want to drip right you knowgo put it in the pan very good all rightthat’s enough that’s not all right goahead and put it all the way under andflip it okay that’s okay I’ll fix it allright go ahead and grab the measuringcupall right all right yet remember I toldyou yeah all the way aroundOh keep it keep it over the keep it overthat yup there you go the mixing bowlall right hold on I’m just gonna helpyou out here okay hold on and go aheadand pour it to the pot pie pandon’t touch the pan with your handsthere you go keep going don’t be scareddon’t be scared there you go that’s whatyou need to do all right now you can gowash your hands try not to drip on thefloor okay okay go ahead JJ under yupthere you go under there you go and putit all the way no no flip it that’s okaythat’s okay let’s yep go ahead and do itand grab it okay hold on hold on hold onlet me clean it off for you okay yepthere we go all right go ahead and putit in the pan sickly friendships for italthough there you go and then put it upin here put it puts up yep we’re nopethe light switch is over there in thewall and we’re setting the table goodjob guys all right go ahead and you’llsee we could flip it there you goput it all the way under it and flip itgently over it turn it over flip it yougot itno I’m alright Savannah go in and crackyour eggs whoa okay put on the favoritedoll there you goit’s crack yeah I just put it open whoaall right all right go ahead noon crackthe eggs there you goyep put the one that didn’t crack downthen split that one right into the bowlthere you gopush don’t be afraid I don’t know put itturn it upside down now you had it thecrack part down now use your finger yourthumbs inside the crack both thumbsinside the crack both thumbs there yougoall right you throw the shell in thegarbage okay guys let’s try it a littleharder oh one crack okay the one thatdidn’t crack there you go yeah oh that’sokay didn’t get on you yeah can do itover the pan there you goput your fingers inside the crack andsplit it open right into the pin butjust don’t touch the pan there you godon’t be scared put your hands lowersplit it open there you gothere you go open it all right yep sousually you want to step up one more nono okay so hit it right in here we gottakeep the egg over the pan already hit ita little harder keep going one more timethere you gookay zo crap so put both thumbs insidethe crack but you got to put it over thepan I’m just gonna crawl the floor thereyou go split it open there you go andthat’s a wrap everyone ate and they’regonelooks like breakfast never happeneddoesn’t it pretty much cleaned up thereare our pancakes

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