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Busy Kids Life – Making Pancakes Yumm Yumm

Flour, Cornflour, Vanilla Sugar, Milk, Water – Cook Yumm Yumm Pancakes with Evelina and Martin.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to our channel I’mMelina and I’m version and today we’regoing to be making pancakes today we’regonna be using plain flour corn flouroil sugar vanilla sugar milk hot glassof water two eggs and chew it now we’regoing to start to put the eggs in firstso and now just don’t forget to washyour hands after but if but if she’llbut she’ll come in it I told you to getyour hands dirty and you’ll be washingthem you can use tape[Music][Music]okay this little this side but I love mynew runner there rip it’s really sweetbut we don’t actually eat a lot that itwould make it really sweetkeep mixing[Music][Music][Music]just remember not to eat the mixturebefore yeah you can only put it if nowthere has to be all along they can’tgive it a run through me but they neverbubble the time make sure now we’regonna add the regular[Music][Music][Music]it looks like snowyeah a sec side and snow[Music]it’s gonna get pretty hard once youstart adding a launching stronger Ireally just do this sometime X startinga fire sticks that you really don’t likethat and it around me it helps a lotfaster Aug do this three make alreadywhat cook make sure to spread out thepancake[Music]now you need any kind of thank you toget coke like a jealous long as you seeevery when it when it starts turningbrown[Music][Music]yeah yeah that is really thank you andwhen is it drop we mean that is reallylike top house the crunchy bits on theside that maybe they won’t be on thisone that’s fine there I’m actuallyreally good at doing the cooking partbut I don’t know the radio that’s howyou put it that’s why we laid it down onthe table so we know it’s time to putthe second pancake on it so nice give meitI really like it even though I do likeit when it’s burnt some reason it’s notreally buried it under sugar[Music]except besides yeah pancake cook you canhit that subscribe button you don’t needto like you don’t need a comment justhit that subscribe button[Music]

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