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Mum decided to sit this one out because she knows that I’m the better cook. Let’s just say things didn’t quite work out as planned, but there will be a part 2.

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Video Transcription

to our channel so today we’re makingpancakes when we didn’t today on todaywe Oh guys please wish us luck becausemy dad is not good at followinginstructions so I couldn’t do thepancakes today because during the week Iwas no pancakesno pancakes no punk babies but now wegot pancakesokay now hey guys I’m so happy I’mmaking pancakesyeah how we gonna do this is combinedtogether flour sugar sweet no bakingpowder baking soda baking soda accordingto their ingredients here instructionswe’re going to fool the cop and then putit in this large bowl[Applause][Music]me I’m a dad made a kid togetherepic si I L epic dance and I don’t wantthis to fall today because my dad is notgood at following instructions like he’sjust not good at it I think this is notgonna go up if you find the butter oh noman there’s no way I don’t know builtthat okay you know what let’s just putbutter in there no I’m going back towhen I put one spoon I don’t know howmuch but I wish import/export one yet[Music]mine’s a drag that’s because I wash themokay I kind of do it give me the conduitwhy is it so lumpy we’ve made it halfwayin and my dad is not following theinstructions I don’t know if it’s gonnago up it was gonna go good if it’s gonnago but if it’s gonna taste niceI don’t know so we just find out at theend of this video let’s just give him achance and hope this goes welldaddy’s build up their prettiest wizardson the table pour half a cup of butterinto the panI don’t mind hufflepuff[Music][Applause][Music]guys this is truth we have to put a halfa carwe mustn’t bloody instructions wrong Iwill just do this match was half a blockthe is too much really trying toget fret out here that’s too much I wantto die that’s all I’ll be in this butthat’s like a person who never ever makepancakes make this yeah wasn’t doinggood reading but I don’t read properlyI’m in yet free no you are not sayanything I think it’s too much for soyeah so my dad just put the firstpancake in and before was going to thatbut now I’m thinking maybe this will gowell because the pancake is smelling madit’s not going bad it’s not that muchburnt and i think is gonna go very wellthis time daddy look Mikey I’m gonnafill in to Hoshihow do you seriously intend this oneinto a heart shape yepthis is the African pancake yeah not notnot the this this is the African pancakenot the one that they meet it looks abit oily but it’s going to be tastinggood I’m looking goodmm-hmm hope it’s very good it’s not myfault[Music]okay you know let’s get this goodlet’s got bad boy ingredients of coursewhen we came to save the dayshe told us a trip don’t let the pancakeuntil it finishes bubbling and then sheshowed us how to do it and I have afeeling we don’t need too much luck it’sgoing absolutely well[Music]that was mine but you give our feet sowe have money spectres in the middle wehave fatty hoods who didn’t listen wellI made the big pancakes okay yeah nogood in it why notI’m time don’t believe him right youdidn’t[Music]

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