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Breakfast Vlog with Daddy – (How To Make Pancakes and Eggs!) – Daddy Time

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Breakfast Vlog with Daddy – (How To Make Pancakes and Eggs!) – Daddy Time

In this video Winter shows us how to cook pancakes,eggs AND how to set the table!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what are we doing today so I can looklike someone you can look like why don’tyou can be like Rajayeah from Aladdin well you can be me orgive me your dad I like that one betterokay you don’t start from the front youstart from the back huh[Music]it looks perfect are you ready and I’llgo eggs and that’s all yeah ethic nolet’s finish those first and then we canget to these big bow[Music]we’re gonna have some nice crunchy eggswho wants crunchy eggs we put shells allright so you got oh there’s some shellsin there silly gonna get ityou can get this yeah we tried lookingfor itokay[Music][Music][Music]but it’s more butter[Music][Music]by[Music][Music][Music]they’ll always have to show up now todaywe’re gonna teach you how to make atable daddy listen I’m gonna go get thestuff so we can decorate the table oh wegot napkinsso now we’re gonna get the plastic theplastic plate so we can show you how toput the plates – so here’s a plateno way[Music]implants[Music]wife’sand now[Music]so big huge eyes don’t work here – it’sover there we gotta peoplemiss winterthere is nothing[Music]why are you laughing[Music]Ohas a spatulawe’re making real and fake eggs alrightwell already baby so all you got to dois pour half of this in here well dothat you want me to do it we’ll do ittogetherlet’s do it together hold on to thechair it belongs to the chair core ballinto something okay ready help me overheredon’t touch the pen do not touch the penokay so you can help me over here[Music][Music]there’s more friends[Music]all you gotta do is mix around does notmatter but nice and slow nice and slowperfectwhat’s your wrist okay make sure itdoesn’t touch the pan daddy did thatonce an urchin sookay something like that’s good rightgood jobalright it was perfectI’m gonna lean this over the plate andyou just take this and speck and scrapeit on there okay just give me one moresecond good you would daddy all rightlet’s go over the plate now you justsweep it on there slowly take your timedon’t worry take your time nice and slowperfect so that yep good job winterthere you goperfect let’s make more sorry Gordon yougot it okay so we actually can pour thewhole thing this time Oh Jeff kiddo Wowbaby all right slowly watch your wristsgood job it’s that risk[Music]almost is patient you readyyou want to pour it in again like we didlast time careful so fastslip right here from the side of thehandnope it’s from I’m trying to get some ofthe sides off by shaking the fan[Music][Music][Music]okay readyI like that better[Music]

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