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Making Pancakes with my fam

In the morning at 9:56 am

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Video Transcription

what’s up people I’m gonna make niggaswith my grandmother now if you guys nowwhat is this grandma what is this it’s ameasuring cup and we have to use we haveto use fish squid right to help make itso that’s good enough that’s what youmake think that’s how you make it on theback it says classic pancakes makes 14pancakes 2 cups all this sweat 1 cupmilk 2 eggs we’re making one bananabanana pancakesshall we take 2 bananas hey may take onea most people if you dare you hear thatsmash and we’re gonna smash downexciting wait what do we useactually Zane’s gonna smash Oh first I’mdoing it guys yeah they’re with usbetter guys okay hi guyswell guys why make us[Applause]that quickly is going on that I videoget away from it if you’re openingthings[Music]artists it’s tiring it’s making myoutfit so hard because it makes you hurtand also makes me guysTiger work guys please come back down ifyou or you cook with your grandmother orsomeone in your familywell guys okay guys you know how we workah I make the cupsometimes you guys have to do stuff yepjust like they said okay code um what doyou want to do after what game do weneed to play there we gonna play callerdo we like we did last night or are wegonna play Joe stick Park oh no charge amusician they are both goodplease stomach down what do you thinkjust looks like they come in what thatis well what that looks likeplease tell me without really that’sgoodnow guys those ain’t my first timehelping someone do you remember from theokay if you guys remember that guys ifyou remember a lot very first friend youguys saw me in February I was weirdand I did not act correct people okayguys um it looks weird but let’s justsay it’s so so goodChapas hands please that’s all what yousit on itguys this is mostly by morningpork-sausage magazine big hypothesisdaddy sausage has been out for a whileokay mostly how money do you put on theplatehe put two on a1a pan because it’sbetterOh guys this is mostly my morningregular use my time with my grandmothersometimes like a pancake slice sometimesI get itfrench toast mostly my grandma goes tomy house of makes french toast sticks atmy placeI don’t know okay who’s ready forChristmas day tomorrowit’s exciting we might today play colorDuty first together but we would play asFEMA and Sanna we would play togetherno fighting based our bullets we willparticularly of fighting zombies I thinkthat’s just the best idea right Cody wholoves sama who believes in Santa pleasetell Matt that down below and pleaselikeso have you in the blog the fans havefun it’s going on my YouTube postingaccount already got like my videos gotlike 64 lights it’s 60 for youyeah guys hopefully my views you canstart earning money yeah I know he’s ifyou like that video please please likethis video do subscribe to my chin butwe also do videos cuz dying helpsdescribe it like I do tooI can’t remember the last one I wastalking about we might do another one ifwe get to a thousand lights try to makethat possible guys do another one likethatand please go in and do their commentstoday do the comet skies for the nextfood you guys want us to make I might Imight not guys guys calm itwait that comment and please commentwhat food you want us to make next sothere’s our first three pancakes youguys thought it looks uglylook at it now can’t seasoning guys wetake it this does not take forever okayif we could I would fast forward but wecan so we’re just gonna wait or yeahit’s just gonna be much easier for usokay okay so guys I might fast-forwardto this I don’t know I might let themwatch then pretty much you’ve seen itall just keep watching guysand that my friends is how you bakebanana pancakes bye guys and please likethat video

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