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HolliDay AnyDay: Easy Breezy Kitchen – Caviar and Waffles

Caviar and Waffles
serves 4

This is basically just assembly!

Pair caviar with your favorite garnishes on top of waffles…couldn’t be simpler!
Ingredient quantities are only guidelines, but this will make about 2 canapés per person.
I made the waffles using a packaged mix, but you could make from scratch, or I bet even frozen
waffles would work!

8 pieces of waffles..my waffle maker makes little hearts, so I made 8 little hearts, but you could
easily just make any shape and cut into circles, squares, triangles, etc..
30 grams caviar
1/2 cup creme fraiche or sour cream
4 ounces smoked salmon
1/4 cup chopped chives

On each piece of waffle, spread a dollop of creme fraiche, top wth a small slice of salmon, a
small spoonful of caviar and sprinkle with fresh chives.
Alternatively, you can omit the salmon and just top with the caviar and chives, you can add
chopped egg, chopped onion or whatever you prefer on your caviar!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody Holly here from holiday anyday and I don’t know about you but I’m ahuge Cavalier fan and especially duringthe holidays I feel like we can splurgeand have a little caviar and I’vediscovered this tasting new caviarcalled Black River and that’s what we’reusing today so the other day I wasmaking waffles for my husband and Itasted one and I went this might be anice vehicle for caviar so that’s what Idid I made some waffles basic buckwheatwaffle mix nothing nothing fancy mywaffle maker happens to make a littleheart so I kept doing this size if youhave a bigger one cut into squarescircles whatever shape you want it’llwork fine so what I’ve got here is I’vegot a little creme fraiche I’ll go aheadand do a couple of these to show youwhat I’m thinking now you can do yourcaviar with all the standard garnishesI’ve just got creme fraiche today andsome chives and I’ve got some smokedsalmon because it’s kind of pretty tomake kind of festive appetizers withthat so we’re gonna start with our cremefraiche we’ll layer with a little bit apiece of smoked salmon and it’s stillfestive and you can make these aheadbefore your guests arrive and it’s justnice little to bite or Derby’s thenwe’ve got our smoked salmon then let’sgo ahead and Prost boom they always sayto use a pro spoon when serving caviarso take some caviar and we’ll dollopthem outyou can find this online too that’swhere I already do from deliver itwithin a couple days and it is perfectperfect perfect so we’ve got our cremefraiche and we’ve got our salmon andwe’ve got some caviar and I’m just gonnaput a little bit of chives on top I meantalk about festive huh check out theselittle guys I can’t wait to take a biteof one mmm now aren’t those prettyso we take a sample that’s not a simpleyou kind of fold them up a little bitlike a taco or a slice of pizza righthmm so I’m gonna move mmmnice and briny mm-hmm the early salmonoh it’s perfect give this a try Cheers[Music]

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