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Rebecca Brand shows how to make apple pancakes for one in her coronavirus recipe series for easy delicious recipe ideas. You can double this recipe if you want to make more for your family. Kids love this recipe! This is an easy recipe with simple ingredients, pancake mix, water, butter, an apple, and syrup, that’s it! I hope you like this recipe, it’s one of my favorites every. I have another one I made years ago on Youtube and wanted to adapt this one to use a pancake mix. Thanks for watching!

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Rebecca brand and this is mycoronavirus cooking series we’re gonnamake some pancakes made with the applesbeat but to stock up for the coronavirusthe ingredients for this recipe are anapple pancake mix I’m cheating I’m usingone out of a box water butter maplesyrup I’m using real maple syrup todayI’ve got a spatula a bowl and a fork tomix step one is turn your pan on low tostart melting the butter on goes theflame to low I’m adding about onetablespoon of the butter into my panI’ve washed my apple really well I thinkthat’s important in times of coronavirusand now I’m gonna cut circles for myapple and then you need your slicesabout a quarter-inch is good I’m give ortake I cut out the little seat partsbecause what’s in here is tough I don’twant to eat that so pop it out and I’mgonna do two take your Apple circles andleave those seeds behind and into thepan they go I kind of mush them aroundin the butter so I think the butter addsa lot of flavor so throw it in thebutter and turn the stove from low tomedium and while those are cooking we’regonna add our 1 cup pancake batter it’san all-in-one mix with 2/3 cup of waterthat’s 2/3 cup I add the water first inmy bowl because that makes it so thepancake batter doesn’t stick as much tothe bottom of the bowl and then you addthe cup of the pancake batter and stirit up with a fork don’t worry aboutthose lumps and I’ll tell you why thoselumps in it are gonna add the air tolight and fluffy pancakes don’t overstir that’s when you have dense enoughfluffy pancakes tip of the day and nowyou just let it rest because the activeingredients of the baking soda and thebaking powder have now combined andthey’re gonna rise the batter check onyour apples you don’t want them to cooktoo fast and I see by the Browning in mypanmy stove is a little hot so I’m gonnaturn this down it’s on medium I’m gonnasay about medium-low now it’s got areally good start already you might wantto shake shake shake take your pan andI’m feeling insecure I see a littlesmoke coming up I’m gonna flip it andtake a look yeah I kind of know thatthat’s the hot part of the pan he’sgoing over there and this one’s moredone separationwhat’s a social distance that we’re allfacing in our lives to have the mostluscious apple pancakes the trick is asyou want these apples to be reallyreally soft like in a pie so this stepis important it also works well becauseyou’re waiting for your pancake batterto have little bubbles that start comingto the surface which I’m seeing at thistime of the recipe I’m gonna turn myoven on to 200 degrees because I want toheat my plates up and 200 degrees is theperfect temperature to get a warm plateto keep my pancakes warm that heat islow I’m gonna check for softness andI’ll tell you it’s not soft enough sothey’re gonna stay in there and I’mgonna turn that heat up time for thefork test yes for both tinder I’m readyfor some more action Jackson which wouldbe adding a scoop of the pancake batteron top aim shoot and fire ooh I’m gonnahelp it along second attack on topall right social just ensue problemsagain you need to stay in your out lanewell for that space I’m satisfied andyou leave them be do not disturb becausethey need to come to a browningunderneath there you’ll know it’s timeto flip when they get these littlebubbles and the bubbles crack open andthey’re dry on top oh wait a secondI seem to be having a problem here Iaverted an emergency but just like thevirus can have collateral damage mypancakes seem to have suffered some whatthey ash well it’s just paperI’m gonna call it food gradehe was still trucking I do not want tobe calling the fire department now timefor the flip oh yeah that’s looking goodand a friendoh that looks golden and crunchy Ialways do this on the second side of mypancakes because I’m a believer thateverything is better with butter a lotof it it’s like a doughnut hole it’scoming out It’s Showtime at the Apollotime to play and you’re gonna want toheat up your syrup in your microwavemaybe for 20 seconds because it’s justbetter everything on your pancakes isdeliciously warm Densham oh yes what anaddition warm syrup I’m calling thatdone let’s check the underside oh yeahperfect these apple pancakes make thehouse smell great too well I wish I hadsomeone to share these with but I’m anisolation not this time at least I canpractice my recipes for laterlet’s drizzle the syrup all over it ohyeah that looks so good I’m gonna put alot of syrup on it todayI hope this might inspire you to do somecreative cooking while we’re in thestay-at-home order and I’m going withfaith that an apple a day will keep thedoctor away we gotta save our doctorsfor our medical centers to help thosethat are really sick I gotta have thebite what does it look like inside yousay oh yeah I want the center that’sgonna be my first bite going for thebest oh yeah do you see that steamcoming off okay hang on I’m tasting itit’s fabulousthat Apple is super super soft in thereso that’s what you want that’s a trickto make these really good is to havingthat super super soft Apple okay onemore bite mmm I hope you’re healthy andhappy and that everyone you love is goodand you’re in good communication eventhough you are in your self isolationquarantine mode I’m Rebecca brand thanksfor watching and keep subscribing andkeep commenting because it really makesmy day I love keeping in touch with youbye-bye now I wasn’t quite camera-readyjust take it bye to you personally Ihope you understand bye bye[Music]

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