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Blackstone Journeys – first cook Pancakes

My first cook on my Blackstone 36″ inch griddle. We started out with Pancakes! First cook it was challenging as you will see. Please leave comments below to help. Thank you.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

all right good morning guys we are part
two part two of our black stone look
what we’re going to do this morning
we’re going to do some pancakes looking
forward to it to be our first cook on a
black stone grill we’ll get back to you
and let you know how it looks
pancake batter number two
looks good might be a little too close
to the edge
well we’re golden
you use
perfectly beautiful we’ll be right back
and we flip them all right we’re back we
got the grill going about 290 we got 10
pancakes on we’re gonna do our first our
first flip here look at that golden
Oh bear with me eating well you talk
maiden voyage so that one looks great
looks great looks good looks good this
one little song
it’s okay it’s our first cook so I think
so far doing pretty good
all right guys looks like we’re gonna
take these off now put them over here on
our cutting board
man those look good
it’s probably the heating element right
here Betsey’s it’s fast but okay it’s
all right they’re still pancakes all
right guys that’s our first cook

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