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After taking some time off to study for finals we are so happy to be back! we will be uploading a few times a week from now on so make sure to subscribe!

We will also be prefilming several videos in the next couple weeks so make sure to comment with any video requests!

– Meg and Rosy

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m Megan I’m Rosie welcomeback to our Channel so today we aredoing a couple things to get ready forChristmas and we are going to includetwo things in the video so we are gonnabe decorating Christmas cookies they’rein the oven right now so then we willfilm decorating those and then we’realso going to be decorating my apartmentso we have all the decorations kind oflaid out right here and we’ll show youguys as we are putting them all up okayso this pillow I got from Target andwe’re gonna put that on one of mycouches so then I’m getting this blanketout that’s like green plaid and it hasthe little red on it and this I got fromAmerican you go it’s like a free gift onBlack Friday last year and then this isthe other blanket I’m gonna put on myother couch and it’s like the red andblack on the outside and that’s justwhite and fuzzy on the inside and thisone is from Dick’s Sporting Goods okayso the next thing I have are these threetrees that are like pink and glitteryWow and these are all from Target andthen so almost all of this stuff is fromTarget so if I don’t say it fromsomewhere else it’s from Target so thenI got this sign that says joy and itlights up so I really like this I kindof might want it in my room but I don’tknow we’ll see where it is up I thinkthese are actually like tree ornamentsbut I just like them and I hadn’t doneand hanging my bedroom last year so heis and then I have one more that’s likeexactly the same as that one and then Ihave another one that just says merryand like white and gold and then acouple of these little like boxy signthings so I have this one and this one Idon’t think these are from Target but Ithink these are from like a little likeart store by the place where I live soand then the kittens and our cat gotstockings with their little initials onthem so we’re gonna hang these upsomewhere here’s Mysteries I’m a bigChristmas person if you up itselfso these are gonna go somewhere don’tknow where yet there’s also Christmasbathmat which will probably just showyou guys when we put that out and thentherethis little sign would just especiallykeep your Minnesota I think and then thelast thing is this one you guys so don’tknow where we’re putting all of theseyet but we’ll figure it out[Music][Music]can Ally can open on you that’s my girl[Music]so I had a couple of Christmasdecorations that I did already put uponly in my room so I’m just gonna showyou guys it was really quick so justlittle tree on my nightstand it justplugs in right there that’s Rosie and mycat this blanket which is from Targetthe tree is also from Target and thenthese two light-up snowflakes I lovethese just to have like just those on atnight and those are also from TargetTrello we are decorating cookies and Icould not be more excitednot sarcastic yes pleasecrispy on the outside chewy on theinside mmm so good at the top threerequested videos we get our likeskincare routine morning routine and Ithink 19 like a college day in the lifeof a college student this but most ofthe days in life in high five studentit’s like college students are only inclass for like a couple hours a day soyeah on average I probably in classthree hours of it my overview at twohours by the way you guys all of theselike cookies shapes or whatever we’reliterally 99 cents at Target so notexpensive at all like the cookie cuttersor whatever[Music][Music]alright guys so that is it for thisvideo we just wanted to apologize to youguys for not posting last week and beinglate with posting this week we’ve had abusy time with finals and everything buthopefully we’ll be posting more nowthey’re both on winter break we do planto be posting like multiple times a weeknow that we have time off of school andalso pre filming so we can continue thatinto like the spring so make sure youguys are subscribed so you can see allof those new videos we are also stillplanning to do a giveaway of air podsand a $200 Lululemon gift card when wehit a thousand subscribers and that willbe on Instagram so make sure you followour instagrams we will clip them allright here remember to like this videoand we will see you in the next one bye[Music]

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