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Vlogmas Episode One:

Happy holidays everyone! This video is about a healthier alternative to sugar cookies. In this video, my husband and I show you how to make these cookies step by step. We also have a cookie decorating contest!

Recipe Ingredients:
9 ounces whole-wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
10 tablespoon butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 ounce 1/3-less-fat cream cheese
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Sugar free vanilla icing

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Video Transcription

what is up you guys welcome back to mychannel so in today’s video me and mylove you are going to be making healthysugar cookies oh these cookies are a wayfor you guys to enjoy baking with yourfamily and just have a good time for theholidays without getting off-track andso that is what I’m going to show youguys in this episode of Lachman I’m alsogoing to be posting a lot of thesehealthy recipes on my InstagramInstagram all right guys so we haveeverything measured out for you we havethe whole wheat flour in this world thatis the brand that we use we also havebaking powder in this bowl that is brandand then we have some sea salt in thisbowl as well Emily and then we also havesugar we have butter we use I can’tbelieve it’s not butter because it hasless calories than regular butter 35colors we have some cream cheese we havean egg and you can just use whatever ayou guys want this is an organic brownegg and then we also have some vanillaextract for the icing we’re just goingto use this sugar free Pillsbury vanillafrosting and then the last thing thatwe’re gonna have is of course sprinklesso we can decorate our cookies and makethem look really festive I personallywanted on gold sprinklesthey were out so they gave silver andwe’ll leave lower because there’s alsosilver in our tree so it’s Fergus bridgeso we’re going to add our sugar creamcheese and the to a large mixing bowl ifwe have an electric mixer we mix it onhigh for about three minutes we don’twe’re gonna do it just until it’s verywell incorporated all right you gonna soI do want to say that before we startedrecording again I did clean the countersnow I’m really good just because youwant to start on a clean surfaceobviously but make sure you do that ifyou’re going to use your counter I don’tknow whether or not reset this but wedid let the dough cool oh yeah so we didlet the dough cool in the fridge forabout an hour we just rolled it out andnow I’m going to go ahead and spray thepan with some extra virgin olive oilwe’d like to be very careful about theoils that we’re using whenever we’recooking and baking whatever some oilsare not the best for you so just makesure that you’re using coconut oil oliveoil those are two that I can think ofright nowjust do your research before you useyour rules and this one is zero caloriesso that’s another reason why we use thisspray so it’s on the pan like thisalright you guys so the cookies havegone in the ovengo ahead and set the timer we’re gonnabake the cookies for about 12 minutethen we’re gonna pull them out cut theshapes and start decorating all rightguys so it’s not quite done yet but itwe want it to go ahead and take it outbecause I was a little afraid that if itgot too – done then it would be moredifficult to cut out the shapes so I’mgonna go ahead and cut them out now okayall right you got it so the cookies areout of the oven I’m not sure if you guysfeed but that’s what they look likeand we’re really happy with the shape sonow we’re going to go ahead and decoratethem[Applause]are you guys but you just had a contestto see who could decorate the cookiesthe best and we’re gonna let you guysdecide so be sure to drop caught me andtell us which team you’re onteam Jane look we’re a team Akhil let usknow who did the best job we’redecorating plating all of that is backthere all right you guys so now we’regoing to go ahead and try the cookiesare you ready Billa want it honestI give it a 6I don’t know real good no I really giveit like a 6 and a half so I think weknow what we went wrong we feel like ifwe would have used regular butter andinstead of trying to cut more caloriesit might have turned out better butwe’re gonna keep it 100% real with youguys we weren’t too impressed they dohave that healthy taste they were reallyfun to make though so you just want todo something with your family and makethese cookies might be kind of good andthey turn down kind of egg because theywould keep you from eating too many soyeah just use different butter and thenalso don’t melt your butter too much allright you guys so we are trying therecipe over again so that we can get agood recipe for you guys so we useregular butter as you guys can see rightthere and we did not melt the butter atall as you guys can see so we’ll catchyou guys back up in a bitso we have finished making the dough forthe second batch of cookies and rightnow Achillas doing the same thing thathe did before on the first batch he ismaking it into a six-inch disc and thenwe’re gonna put the dough in therefrigerator for about an hour to letthe dough chill and then we’ll come backroll it out and put it in the ovenalright you guys so we have our secondbatch of cookies in the oven we just gotour second batch of cookies out of theoven we’re gonna decorate them and thenwe’re gonna take them for you guysalrighty guys so we have decorated acouple of our cookies I’m actually gonnasave some of our cookies to get athumbnail now we’re gonna go ahead andturn Regas rightsturla one againI want to change my support for lastonce I get to make this one like a seventhat’s perfect because these are theseare real cooking site there’s a wholeweek yeah so like I said it okay so itwas like it too nothing on goodies likean eight and a half my rating for theother one I don’t want to change ithaving this to Elliott or alumina – I’llgive the last one for this is like aneight and a half especially for what itis like I said it’s a whole wheatcookies so there’s still gonna be a tinytiny bit of a difference in taste butwith this it’s like you really can’ttell it tastes like an actual sugarcookie so I’m really impresseddefinitely definitely better than thelast one be careful with these becauseyou will not want it to be of you allright you guys I hope that you enjoyed avideo we want to give a notificationshoutout to shea butter thank you guysso much for all of the support and youwouldvacation shot alright as well be sure todrop a comment below give the video athumbs up and subscribe to see morevideos on this channel thank you guysagain for watching and we will see youguys in the next one[Music]

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