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Trying to help and make cookies but this happened

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]and today we’re making the cookieschocolate chip cookies rubber oh oh ohexcuse me excuse memaking the cookies so you know he makingthe cookiestune in until I show you on it these arewhat the cookies look like whoa turns itback so making chocolate chip waitoatmeal chocolate chipoh no chocolate chip get started soright now we have eggsso I need one butter and you just stickthe butter but this will work – don’t weneed bowls can you get the bowl usecrackercountry frogthis is cold hurry upI don’t know small ones or something soyeah somebody’s taking forever so tunein until she gets the ball all right soanyway hold on Irish after 10,000 yearsshe got the ball not the bowl hey goready I’m not afraid good all right guysnow put that in the trash to be wonI know where it goes Oh[Music]this gigantic spoon wait I’m not mixingit so now I’m getting the muttertogether when people look like theycan’t I’m just gonna stop saying thedate because I never post them on thedate that I say so therefore I do sotoday it’s ten like I said don’t knowwhen this will be out probably be allmater I don’t even know probably notcome on soon come onanyway that doesn’t matter I need a halfcup over five cup so oh right now angry42 so yet today I’m courting recordingor my fame and my tablet does that thingdoes that 13 or something do you not seethese two they work yeah but I didn’tthink we would be over here because thewriting is so much but your thoughtsdon’t need to heat it up long so thistime I’m gonna have to let sit for asecond cuz then they’re like meltedchocolatewave it doesn’t say that but whateverand I put it in there for ten secondsstep down wait much and I start I startlet me get in my baglook I was crying alright so yeah we addthis yeah we get it lady right hmmso we at the butter I meant the whateverthe stuff here’s how it looksoh no never access their channel to dostuffOh heads up hey least economist I’mlookin for school no no okay here justput it in the truck no put it in thechurchno I’ll make no no you don’t made enoughof a mess all right then I’m not hopingbut there’s nothing to doso you basically mix it it like this Iwon’t use a whisk but I don’t reallylike the whisk because then it getsstuck in between so trying to preparethis for someone so you don’t make amess so far this looks pretty goodguys no follow meI love food here just give me a sec oneand I’m good at thisgo over this because you know smell likepeanut thanksalright so bro ha it’s not even funnyyou’re not I’m not helping with thecookies no more but i’mma tell you howthey turn out so tuna after 10,000 yearswe’re trying onewell I’m trying well was it ten thousandhmm where’s the thingnot sure I like comment subscribeoh no subscribe to now for more videosdeaf gang signing out[Music]

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