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Healthy Vegan Cookies || Cook #WithMe

Hello friends, here it is.. the recipe you’ve all anticipated. Healthy AND vegan cookies that you can make at the comfort of your own home. I really hope you enjoy this video as much as my other ones. I’ll see you guys in the next one! Happy Cooking!


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Video Transcription

hello everyone and back today with aflavoursome recipe for you all not onlyis it super healthy it’s tasty and it’svegan so while we waiting for let’s getcooking so what you want to do is getone banana and mash that well thenyou’re going to add some oatmeal or onemonth to be exact and you’re going toadd some peanut butter to this you canuse smooth or crunchy I’m using smoothhere after them adding some almond milkwell you guys go ahead and add whatevermilk makes you happy then you’re gonnamix that bad boy up after a while yourarms will probably start to ache but Ipromise it’s a very good workout foryour arms so keep going so this is whatit should look like when it’s ready nowI’m lining my oven tray with some foilbecause I don’t have any baking paperremember kids if you don’t have anybaking paper don’t go out to buy it justuse foil or anything that doesn’t burnin the oven and now you want to makesome random blobs with the oat mixtureafter that grab a fork or a spoon andstart flattening out and shaping yourcookies into small circles then I’mgonna add some mix seeds to top it offyou can use raisins or chocolate chipsfor I’m trying to make this healthy nowwe’re ready to put it in the oven andhere we are people delicious healthy andvegan cookies ready to be served sountil next time happy cooking[Music]

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