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Learn how to bake cookies with Chef Sarah who teaches Baking and Pastry Arts at our CTC @ Courthouse location.

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Video Transcription

and welcome to my kitchenso we’re actually gonna do this livefeed I did a video yesterday and it wasan Italian sausage chicken pasta dishbut it was recorded and it was editedand I was able to filter out all thecrazy wonderful fabulous things thathappen when you’re cooking I can’t dothat today so we are flying by the seatof her pants I hope this all works outit shouldn’t take more than 10 minutesbut I did want to share this recipe withyou because I know everyone is jonesingfor some cookies right now we’re alllooking for some comfort food andthere’s nothing more beautiful andperfect than a chocolate chip cookieespecially on the comfort food scaleit’s that and then cinnamon buns butthat’s a whole different day so just sothat we’re clear but if you guys haveany questions or concerns or commentsyou can always post them on this livefeed however because I’m activelytalking to you and my husband is behindthe camera right now we won’t be able torespond to you so we apologize inadvance but this is the actual recipethat we really do the first day of thebake shop and if some of you don’t knowmy background I went to the CulinaryInstitute of America and I got my degreein baking and pastry arts I did teachculinary arts for nine years at JamesRiver high school and this is my sixthyear teaching baking and pastry arts atthe Chesterfield Career Technical Centerso in my time of Quarantine and makingsure that I’m encouraging you all athome to bake and to cook this issomething a recipe near and dear to myheart because it’s one of those recipesthat I do with my bakers and quitehonestly to be really honest I do missthem so even though we’re day two I domiss my Baker’s so if you guys arewatching right now I do miss you I knowthat’s surprising I do miss you guys andI hope you guys areand let’s get start on the recipes sowe’re gonna start with a large bowl youwant to start with a large bowl becausethis is where all the ingredients aregoing to go into so the larger thebetter and so this is one cup of brownsugar and it’s 1/3 cup of regular sugarI didn’t get to the grocery store I onlyuse the sugars that I had on hand sothis is some semis slightly hardenedbrown sugar that I’m sure we are allaware of we all have this in ourpantries it’s not the freshest howeverif you chop chip cookies doesn’t reallymatter and I also have some sheshefoo-foo sugar and the raw so if you aredoing this recipe at home please justuse regular sugar but again I didn’thave time to the grocery store and thisis all I have so in my pantry this is itso I’m actually in this bowl I’m goingto add my butter so again that’s 1 cupof brown sugar 1/3 cup of regular sugarand in this bowl is some melted butterand you need two sticks of butterand when I say melted it’s I always toldmy bakers it’s got to be semi sort ofkind of almost slightly melted so youcan see there’s a little bit of anisland of unmelted butter in the middleof the bowl and that’s perfectly finethe reason why we want it slightly meltyis because I really like chewy chocolatechip cookies not soft batch wherethey’re really flimsy but I absolutelyadore a chewy dense chocolate chipcookie and so that’s what we’re creatingtoday that’s what this recipe is allabout but pull this closure to get achewy cookie you have to add more fatand so we’re gonna walk through whywe’re doing that in a little bit when weget further along the recipe but forright now all you’re doing is a bowlsugars and just mixing them till they’resmooth if you love textures like I doyou get your hands in there but becausewe’re live I decided to skip my handsand just go for the spoon because okaywe’re trying to promote sanitation rightnow so that’s what we’re doing there’salso some obnoxious little pellets ofbrown sugar in there there’s two schoolsof thought in the brown sugar pelletsyou can take all day squidging those outor like I am right now I don’t reallycarekeep the pellets in if someone bitesinto one of these cookies a free cookieby the way and complains about therebeing a pellet of brown sugar and theirsugary chocolatey chocolate chip cookieyou can tell them to go home or go tosome other quarantined house and getfree chocolate chip cookies so that’swhere we are with that nice and creamyit’s slightly it’s not soupy but I guessthe wrong word would be snotty we don’treally want to use that in baking butthat’s what we’re gonna use right nowand in this bowl is an egg a whole eggand also it looks very white because Ihave two tablespoons of heavy cream inthis bowl yes this is the real recipeit’s not because in my head in mycabinet this is the recipe so one wholeegg you want one egg yolk and you wanttwo tablespoons of heavy cream and thena little georgia vanilla and I say alittle juvenility cuz to be honest withyou I’m a big problem is that I tend formy house I will buy it the cheap hasbeen alike get my hands on because realvanilla is quite expensive and I’m notpaying for that so I use the cheap stuffand it should look fairly familiar thislittle kid right here and if you don’thave vanilla at home and that’s the onlyingredient in this entire recipe thatyou don’t have leave it out this shouldnot preventyou for making a batch of cookies leaveit out and again no complaining for freecookies so in this bowl one egg 1 eggyolk 2 tablespoons of cream and as usualvanilla about a teaspoon if those of youat home are baking along with me or youvery retentive and just need the exactingredient list so just pour that in andagain we’re just gonna mix this upyou’ll see that my shop coach has got afew little stains and some marks on itbecause we pre-made some chocolate chipcookies for you guys today so you cannot have to wait for us to finish thisrecipe to see what they look like italso means that when I’m mixing thingsin a bowl things tend to splash a splashthat’s totally ok so we’re moving downthe line here’s my bowl of flour it is 2and a quarter cups of regularall-purpose flour there are some schoolsof thought of doing bread flour 1/2bread flour and 1/2 regular flour if youfeel like experimenting go for ithowever I like to get my chewiness fromthe extra fat that we’re adding into therecipe not the bread flour which isthere to add some shoe not a big fan ofbread flour cookie if you are fabuloususe it I think it’s wonderful but todaywe’re just using an all-purpose flourand it’s two and a quarter cups ofall-purpose flour very carefully pourthat into the bowl gently mix and alsobefore I go any further I should say butI do have my loving in here and myloving agent is making sodaand as you can see the flour is going togo where it wants to golike that and with my Baker’s at schoolwhen I’m doing demos to my students Ialways tell them when everything’s likethat happenwe’re live cooking we are live baking itis a live cooking show every single daythat I have to put on so my students areused to this kind of a hot mess on mychef coat and they’re used to a hot messon the countertop and I’m sorry ifyou’re not used to hot mess but welcometo live television so pretty much aboutall of our flour mixed together nice andsmooth and creamy I’m gonna add 12ounces of chocolate chip morselsthese are semi-sweet however you canchoose any morsels you want if you havea chocolate bar that you’ve beenhoarding in the back of your freezerfrom your kids stash on Halloween andit’s been there since October slightlymutilated and kind of wonky and realhazy looking you should use that okaythis is about whatever you’ve got so youwant 12 ounces I love bags because thebags are magically 12 ounces nomeasuring and I’m gonna use the wholeback because I’m not holding back soevery bite of cookie should have asubstantial amount of chocolate chips init also this is a great time to let youguys know that it’s a good idea to raidyour pantry if you so I’m I’m classicfor this I’ll do chop chip cookies andif I have that bizarre bag of chocolatechips that are kind of wonky I’ll throwthose in but if I also have potato chipsand I know it sounds weird potato chipsespecially Frito Lays the corn chips Ilove burritosfull disclosure I will use the shrapnelat the very bottom of those chip bagsand I’ll add it in not just for crunchand texture but a little extra kind ofbuzz of salt into the recipe but it’salways that shrapnel that I usebottom of the bag that no one wants toeat because they’re not whole pieces ofchips so that’s something that you’rejonesing for I say go for it experimentI have a really great recipe for kettlecorn cookies which just uses a lot ofstore-bought kettle corn popcorn andactual cookie dough so again have fundon’t worry about all the specifics nowI’ve got a fancy little cookie scoop andthe cookie scoop that I’m using is it’scalled a Disher and it’s an industrystandardized scoop however if you likepretty much every normal person in theUnited States of America don’t have oneof these it’s totally fine you can alsouse an ice cream scoop but if you’relike me your ice cream scoop and yourdrawer is about this size so I’m notjudging if you decide to use a verylarge ice cream scoop for your cookiesbecause that would be ridiculouslyamazing cookie however if you’re lookingfor portion control you can use a Disherthis size or just use a tablespoon orjust a spoon it doesn’t matter the pointis that you at least want to make surethat all the cookies are relatively thesame size on the tray and these willspread a bit and these cookies at thissize let’s call these about a tablespoonand a half this size cookie is gonnabake pretty quick it’s about 10 minutesI say 10 minutes because I like slightlysquidgy cookies but if you like a goodhard baked cookie go for 12 minutes butthe biggest tip I can give you guys forthis entire recipe is don’t over bakeyour cookies please take the cookie trayput it in the oven in about 5 minutesopen the oven door and rotate your pansif your oven is anything like my oventhere’s hot spots and uneventemperatures within this tiny littlemetal box and that means you’re going tohave a regular baking there’s one ofthings that frustrates you all aboutbaking is the fact that your equipmentat home is not like ours in a bake shopso the biggest tip I can tell you todaytake your cookie trayhalfway through the bake time justflip-flop them around or do the doseydoe and put one on top of the otherhowever if you forget at the end of theday you’re still gonna have fresh-bakedchocolate-chip cookies it doesn’t reallymatter so stay with me I’m gonna putthese in the oven the fabulous thing isthat we have pre baked cookies and thisis what you’re looking for this is theperfect baked cookie for me becauseyou’ve got that golden brown edge andyou’ve got a little bit of that goldentop but full disclosure this is probablymy favorite looking cookie nice Brownedge nice and blonde on top that’s gonnabe your perfect cookie and that has thatchewy Center so I’m not gonna touchthese because again I’ve got royal doingmy hand and sanitation being what it isI don’t want to actually touch them butthis is what the cookie should look likein about ten to twelve minutes and Ireally hope you guys enjoyed in thisvideo I hopefully kept it under 10minutes again like I said I don’t reallyknow cuz we’re live so you have anyquestions or comments please leave themdown at the bottom if you want to knowabout some of the heavy cream that weuse today it’s in a little carton I didwant to show at the veryhere I did get it from Trader Joe’s theyare not sponsoring this video forobvious reasons they have no clue who Iam nor should they ever but it’sshelf-stable heavy cream and it’s calledwhipping cream but heavy cream whippingcream so similar in fat contents it youcan you can use either one but it’sshelf stable and it’s really cool tohave especially in conditions like thiswhen maybe you don’t have grocery storeruns going on that much but if you’retelling me right now chefI don’t have cream shelf staple orrefrigeratedI’ve got half-and-half then you shoulduse half-and-half or you’re sittingthere telling me well I don’t have halfand half but I’ve got coffee creamerthen that’s what you should do this ifyou the only thing I would say is thatif you do only have milk you can usemilk but instead of doing twotablespoons use about a tablespoon and ahalf because the viscosity of the milkis a lot thinner and in done so againcoffee creamer heavy cream 1/2 and 1/2or milk and if you’re super duper goofyand you want to be super chic you canalways use coconut cream and I’ve beenthat with cookies before where actuallyhad cashews and toasted coconut mmm andthey have delicious they’re so good soanyways I’ll stop talking I know youguys got other things to do that aremore important than baking cookieshowever make sure the east for the nexttwo weeks feeding your family make sureyour neighbors are fed and enjoy thistime together and I hope this isencouraged you all to enjoybaking and enjoy cooking and I hope tosee you all soon have a great evening

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