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How to make Nastar Cookies

untuk memenuhi tugas Speaking.
Dika Arya Putra (196121086/2C PBI)

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome back to my youtubechannel today i will show you about howto make master cookies in my home sowithout further ado let’s just jam rightto the ingredients are sugar powderthese are proof a margarite flour[Music]in establish earlier using your handmixture margarine and sugar togetherjust until combined[Music]@drive idiotsmix until just combined[Music]roll the dough into a ball build it inabout feeling and you know on the toeand feeling issues[Music]the cookies for 25 minutes until bottomsare just likely browned responded toewith equals and glove or kiss again for20 minutes[Music][Applause][Music][Music]I will[Music]

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