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Happy Mother’s Day – Simple & Easy to Make Home-made Cookies | #stayathome Gift Ideas – MCO Day54

Our mom is a very simple woman and we know that nothing makes her smile better than the simple things. So every year we try our level best to bake her favorite cookies to pair with her favorite cup of coffee! So.. Here’s what happened…

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys since it’s Mother’s Daytomorrow today we’re going to be bakingbeautiful your cookies and sowelcome back to copying jam with Chrisyou know as Chris and Lulu’s Kyramy little sister and we’re about to bakethem both my mom’s favorite cookieswe’re gonna do our best not to burn themthis time Sarah join us as we attempt tomake yummy cookies for her cotton okayokay so what do we eat Kyraso look at me is flour some brown sugarbutter peanut butterwe’re just trying to make ourselves lookprofessional we don’t know[Music]try and do your best so last year weaccepted bridge okay so this is the mostAsian way of keeping our flower okaytuck away it’s always a special place[Music]the lower trying to do here is for goingto try of me to different find simplyfirst one is peanut butter cookies andthe other one is just sugar butter sopyro will be doing the peanut butter andeating more flour do this with finessein front of the camera but yes this isvery much in style you guys[Music]it’s probably why they keep it in acontainer[Music]okay so now being the butter we’ve got abit of a problem because I didn’t pickit out of the fridge earlier so whilewaiting for the butter to melt you[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so we finished you gottick-tock and now butters alone meltedso what we do weighs me[Music]what’s that oh let’s pretend that didn’thappen to you people not see what wesaid is people ready please stab thebutter into and now we’re going to usethe heart hands as we’re verytraditional[Music]what we’re doing it’s where when theycome up with a bad man is with twoladies you watch them not watch butwatch me Ohmiksa you know that’s a lot of work andbasically this recipe that we’re doingany five-year-old can do it of coursewe’re just trying to look professional[Music]hmm okay so there we’re going to add[Music][Music]it’s not a tutorial for organic orwhatsoever so it’s just a moment made[Music]yeah we will mix again[Music]a lot of pyrite you into it here you gothink of it as the sugar giving you isRobinette[Music]better as everybody’s favoriteand then just push it all together very[Music]very messy Baker’s as you can see veryinexperienced when it does make somepeanut butter here[Music]then we’re going to add half a teaspoonof vanilla essence because we’d be itsmell nice for those for this one[Music]okay very mother’s day[Music]I’m doing this right[Music]that isn’t makeup I don’t bake all thatlooks nastyOh guys I can’t stand the book side ofwhite blood put on my Joe in spaceturning pink hold the turn[Music]I’m just trying to fake it till I makeit okay you don’t need to trust me allthe time[Music]would you like to make it peanut butterdude looks like it’s better now we havealso just pens and now we’re just goingto be Vicki shoots out of them put themin the oven[Music]do you keep trying anything is failed[Music]research didn’t know we’re just doingcrazy from memory this here show youknow what we’re doing we think we know[Music]we added some milk you see isn’t itobvious already guys we don’t know howto bank in for you[Music][Music]oh gosh is so bad okay okay okay I’minto balls[Music]I’m all in a row get some space inbetween we like our mouths even end sameI wanna see what you mean okay one biglesson okay now why is it such a big bow[Music]I didn’t even Oha lot of my whitey productions friendsare going to[Music][Music]okay guys so I’m gonna do a shout outyou like two productions because theyinspired me even to make this throw ofthem paint balls okay so you havespecific ones over here and theybasically show the character of pointtwo productions members okay so this onethe biggest one they get wall is victimsa neckthis is tired block visits Jakartaselamat it was cute luck this is I missmy you see said see ya then yeah bethere is and this one is jail or TV ohoh and this one this one this one littleone next to this one that’s it’s metightening and this one are the othermembers I’m not done yet but you knowyou are guys to shout out to all of youforget about me and you though easiersell tiny that’s you right there[Music]we love it already okay it’s a verysimple guy all we do it for is this falldown and it’s just basically a Christmasand then there you go so you just haveto do it with the rest[Music]okay so they’re in the oven they’rebaking their bacon so they’re fresh outof the oven and well this one’s a littleburnt but that’s okay I like a littleburning my cookies and these are thecontainers we’re gonna fill them insomething simple and fun for Mother’sDay everybody is the thought that countsokay so we’re not even this one cuz theyuse there’s some of them were pink guysnow it’s just[Music]yeah yeah we bring some we need todispose these because we don’t want ourmom just yet hey we’re safe okay guys sowe survived and we managed to finishmaking these cookies and if my mom likesthough we burned some of it again againthis year we’ll try harder next yearokay so thank you for watching guysdon’t forget to click like share andsubscribe this is hoppin Gemma Chris andKyra and we would like to read our momhappy Mother’s Day your mother inthere we’re gonna make me some loveupstairs right nowhappy Mother’s Day to all the mothersout there got them wish for them keepraising those children they’ve come sofar it would be a great shame to failnow keep going mom she’s got lesseveryone happy Mother’s Day enjoy yourdaybe safe with me Stephen her[Music]

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