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In todays video we break down one of our favourite mouth watering macro friendly cookie recipes, “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Avocado Cookies”!

Recipe: 1 batch makes about 12 cookies

1/3 cup mashed avocado
2/3 cup peanut butter
1 egg
1/4 cup maple syrup (or honey)
3/4 cup oats
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

Combine wet ingredients until well mixed.
Add dry ingredients.
Stir in chocolate chips.
Scoop onto baking sheet and flatten slightly with a fork.
Bake at 350°F for 12-14 minutes.

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Video Transcription

hey guyszack spinosa from forge fitness heretoday we are going to be makingthe avocado peanut butter chocolate chipcookies thatjoe gonzalez gave a solid 8.1 yeah amazing score happy with itput him on the spot in his lastwell his last training session that wasin forge fitness before all thequarantine happeningsso we killed it amazing workoutdecided to give joe a nice little sweethealthy treat something that feliciai’ve beenexperimenting with a lot is bakinghealthy foods with high proteinthresholdsand today we are going to just film alittle episode ofhow to make these cookies and andhopefully you guys can make them at homethey’re very tasty and uh so far i havethe highest score felicia’s cookies havea nicezero score they’ve been yet yet to scoreso i guess it’s not really fair butmine are better so we’re gonna get intothat the ingredient list here of coursepeanut butter planters it’s good not thebest i would definitely go with jiff ifyou have gif at homeum that was one of our ingredients thenwe got some eggs we’re gonna be usingeggswe’re gonna be using some avocados ofcourse is the base in the foundation ofthe cookiemaple syrup we got a lower calorie onethis is likeno sugar added type of maple syrup it’sjust to help with the caloric intaketherethen we’ve got rolled oats uh this isgonna stick everything togetherit’s gonna play as a little bit of ourflour and just that uh gluten-esque typeofingredient there next up we havesome costco whey protein powder it’sgoing to give you the gains gonna getyour muscles pumping you’re gonna looksexy you’re gonna look hot you’re gonnafeel greatoh to pump it up boom the penis pumpingingredientbaking powder fantastic felicia shakeyour head she’s like what the hell isthatlast but not least chocolate chips darkchocolate chipsunfortunately we couldn’t find anythinghigher than 50 dark chocolateit’s really good still no big deal ifyou can find anything higheruse it it’ll give you a little more of abitter taste bittersweet it’s perfectthat is the ingredient list we’re goingto get into the baking we mightplay around with it i haven’t i haven’tdecided yet but we might throw a littlebanana in there to give a little extrataste a little more extra moistureand that’s it for the ingredients guysso when it comes to baking guys you’regoing to want to add all your wetingredients into the bowl firstafter you do that you’re going to throwyour dry in mix it up real niceyou’re going to want to put your fingerinto the batter make sure to suck onyour fingers get some good flavor inthereif your dough is a little too dry goahead and spit in there a little extramoisture will always help that will helplubricate thingsalso if you don’t have pan spray spit onyour pants it’s a great way to grease upthe pansbefore you do all that make sure topreheat your oven to 450 degreesand then make sure to not put your handagainst the oven it will burn it okayguys so that’s how you bake cookies it’sreally tasty really goodgets you real good gains ohoh well hey theretake the cookies out they’re burning ican’t stopall right boom practice safe bakingboom let’s see cookies oh yeah oh these smelldeliciouslook at those let me zoom bet you’reeating doritos right nowyou suck you sucki’m kidding i’m kidding you probably arethough butwe were bored we had extra batter we’relike 20 cookies enough fortomorrow and the next day so we decidedthatwe should make ourselves some littlemorning breakfast bitesthe same batter look how cutewhat do you think they’re cute givebut anyways this was not my ideaactually it was felicia’s although myrecipe is better the one that i did findbut she didturn me on to a lot of things includingpeanut butter avocado cookies she’srunning away so uh take your praise flexon the camera show them your musclesnot bad not bad but yeah we’re gonnatake uh we’re gonna let these cool downfor about five minutes or soand then we’re gonna get into it on acooling round a cooling wrap well donestart start putting along hurry up onthe spot let’s gooh my god you’re so slow hurry up off so in her natural habitatfelicia not only singsopera in the background of all thesevideos she also delivers greatskill and efficiency while deliveringcookies to a cooling rackmake sure to deliver cooling rackcookies like this toooh stop my toe fellcome over here i’ll come over there ohwellit’s filmed with the cookies at thebackdrop check it out all right i’m hersize nowoh my god the pan ohokay come back come back that is bakingwith fel and zachford fitness style episodeone probably not more to come

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