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Video Transcription

and shoot once I’m in Webster you took a you’re a charity for JT and we areback with another freakin video todaytoday today today you’re gonna bejoining me and J with our cooking videoyeah so tell them what we’re gonna maketoday today we are making cookies andcream cookies and creme cookies in I’mready to taste it I’m just you know ohyeah we’re gonna do this trade off realquick but I’m taking I’m taking the backseat on this one but we don’t boy yeah[Music]you know before we give us a video yougot we need our like country responsethe video subscribe to our channel doesget to use up y’allstop subscribe come on cuz we aredropping bangers back to back everysingle week we’ve got less you can’t eatyou gotta subscribeokay so what we do first okay I’m gonnaget off the ingredients first okaythe days that we’re gonna need to makeour cookies and quickly we’re gonna needcream cheese we’re going to need saltedbutter I don’t pick the whole thing upagain okay and we’re gonna need sugarokay and we’re gonna need flour[Applause]let’s start okay so the first thingfirst four ounces of cream cheese creamcheese is four hours of cream cheese intype of song that is with eight and ahalf teaspoons using them[Music][Music]okay okay[Applause][Music]okaygot another bow just bite meall right I’m nextmiss well now this delightful – yeahyeah oh my gosh[Music]don’t everybody[Music]a few moments laterwe got it I think yeah now they can meetI don’t know what I got to do without[Applause]you no see this what I want to do wedon’t know how to stir just do what I dolooking like some song with me come backto 30 meters on oh and we finally get tosee the results and show you how theseready to be cooked okayspoon now Cassie got a lick do we knowabout this[Music]it’s women[Music][Music][Music]so how about something but you know justyou know you leave a burnnow they are of digital time there’sanything like me to subscribe ringingnotification bell and make sure you’vebeen into those comments because we’renice peopley’all pubic on a lot of service we liketo know what other things y’all wannatry to go yes no we’re we’re makinghappen they’re gonna say yeah we got our[Music][Music]

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