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we tried making cookies.. quarantine cooking GONE WRONG !! ( MUST WATCH ! )

Hey Guys!!! Welcome back to my Youtube Channel. i and my cousin tried making cookies and it came out so bad. i hope you all enjoy this video! like, subscribe and share with your friends . FOLLOW ME ON ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram:@abie_yu_wa_ Snapchat:@uasemota9 Twitter:@King_uwa xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Dont Forget to Subscribe.

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Video Transcription

guys guess what we did hey guys welcomeback to my China you guys for all thesubscribing to my channel if you wantnew to this channel please subscribegive it a thumbs up comment below andtell me what you want to see all thetime on my try know so today I’m gonnabe teaching you how to make a hey youknow we’re so bored like this pirate andpeanut everything so we’re just tryingto like okaymake some few things like you know sohave here with me sugarum flour baking soda just a break eachotheryeah baking soda butter and so manyother things hope you guys are ready tothem so let’s go and get it daddyso hey guys this is the flourWalter you can see we added light so wehave like a bunch of everything’s likecinnamon sugar salt baking soda like weadded so many thingsyeah you can see we just missed itthey’re kind of big dopa no just got adog I do so that’s it and I hope itsounds good hey this is hot oh my godanyways this is like what are you gonnaso yeah it’s coffee cinnamon[Music]we added first – our both of you justfake why are they sour[Music][Music]we were trying to make like cookies I[Music]don’t know oh my god yes[Music][Music][Applause]so thank you guys for watching thisvideo subscribe please give it a thumbsup comment down know I know you’re gonnalaugh at us but okay see you my namegive you guys[Music]

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