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First you-tube vid boys, hope you enjoy. Pretty trash at editing so prolly won’t post a new video one for another 2 weeks but it’s always an A for effort. Stay swag everyone.

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Madison here and today weare going to be making cookie[Applause]quarantines got me hungry got me boredand eating and craving food andsomething I’ve been craving is Peterbrother cookies so I’ve never madepeanut butter cookies so I’m going to beusing a recipe I’ll show you how to doit you know I’ll fill you in on how tomake those good peanut barkinslet’s get started boys I know John haveone so my recipe calls forBrad yeah it’s really rude to interruptmy video like that but I guess it’s timethey’ll see how you are you just have tosay that you’re fine you’re not reallyfun one cup of creamy creamy peanutbutter one cup packed brown sugar 1 cupwhite sugar 1 cup butter 2 eggs 1 tspbaking soda 1 tsp baking powder 1teaspoon vanilla extract and two and ahalf cups of flour they have all theingredients just chilling kitchens amess so let’s get her going shall we[Music]sure I guess I need to cream butterpeanut butter and bullshitters Chile Ibought I’m so honored for this in see Ihope these are good times I’m normallythey don’t want stuff do you wantanything good you stupid[Music]so I’m using this stuff calledone cup okay I’m tryna use this stuffyou so I can’t eat dairy so I’m usingthis melt butter it’s like butter butit’s not it’s a could they crap therecipe four dozen I can happen right Ithink I can you know what I can do thisI can do it it’s fine okay so I knowhalf the recipe so it looks like my mathskills are gonna have to come and clutchhere[Music]it’s disgusting this looks like creamcheese look like tell me I havesomething figure oh that’s really aboutyouI’m scared promising sometimes you justhave to do what you have to do this isalready going bad key you can’t even seethe bolt this is just embarrassing okayif you ever buttered that disgusting I’msure my cookies so I’m actually gonna[Music]okay it Larry it looks like I’m notgonna say it it looks disgusting butboth okay I bought like literally likeevery time like I don’t have highI don’t mind that at all like Iknow it won’t turn out good but whatthat suppose that that’s enoughI honestly this is why I mess up I don’tactually use popular games it’s my faultbut when these turn out disgusting I’lltake the heat I don’t care itI know so just a little bit worse thanbefore I make I make a mess huhi de creme it[Music]it’s like creme to stem but the brownsugar is not it’s not very creaming aswell as I want to move and I don’t knowwhat to do about that I also can’t tellwhat’s a peanut and what’s like a brownsugar trunk so I’m honestly just gonnasmush everything okay guys so we’vechanged pass a bit it just wasn’tworking out I don’t think it’s I don’tleave good enough so by the Bigginshopefully it works I don’t even knowhonestly[Music]okay you know what that weren’t verywell I’m I’m impressed at this point Ididn’t think I committed me butapparently did so still it’s disgustingyou know what I’ve come to a conclusionthis point it’s just gonna it’s gonnalook gross no matter what I can do it sonow I have to add the eggsdo I even have eggs oh my goddo we look like said add eggs one timeso I can’t even crack an egg properlywhat I just realized I’m having therecipe except I didn’t I should haveonly put one egg[Music]I’m gonna say this I’m pretty beat atthis point I did put one too many butthere’s no turning back like I did whatI did and that’s that’s itnow we gotta put it in our baking sodaor baking powder and our vanilla becauseof these cookies sure about it I’m gonnabe so sad I’ve been mined to make thesefor so long I don’t even like myself thewhole time but I’m truly trying my bestI broke up the mixture mix mixer mixerand everything I’m gonna have to cleanon and I really didn’t want to but I’mdoing it for these cookies because Ijust really wanted to turn out well so Ijust hope it works so now I have to doI’m gonna say half of two and a halfthree why not correct me if I’m wrong Idon’t that just seems right to me okayno it looks like that that’d be themixer so the recipe it says you’resupposed to be able to roll it intoballsbut that ain’t rollable and then Iremembered that I put two eggs becauseI’m stupid so I think I’m gonna I don’tknow how much that is but you know whatI’m just going to improvise until itseems like it’s a good consistency we’reall about improvising here you wanna seewhy did that works so well okay we’renot like rolling consistency yet butwe’re almost there something I can addlike a little bit more and we’ll see howthat goes looking really good like okayyou know whatnothing’s perfect still look I think itmight be doable I have this cool thingand it likes sweets that like perfectthing so I don’t even have to touch itso who cares if it’s thinking so I don’tactually have to clean it because I’vemade too many dishes already okayanyways you’re supposed to like scoopall rolling sugar I don’t wanna do thatit’s think I’m just gonna pop them onthere the way the other this is reallywait I gotta this is really satisfyinglook at thatOh perfect sitting on the sitting that’sit fakie okay you’re a little 215but think how those sounds thing is thathonestly I need a tripod in Rome okayand I will show you guys so I ended uphaving to do two trays cuz there’s a logdough but say smells greatI haven’t used it but let’s do thatright now it tastes even better than itshouse and you want I’m having high hopesand of course to finish off they makethe perfect peanut butter cookiesI’m not authentic touch and you do thatcuz I’m pretty sure all peanut buttercookies have those little like crossesand I think that’s just like cute Idon’t know if these are gonna like growoh that’s butter you know what I have afeeling this butter was not a good ideaso I just set my ovencreating when it beeps all like I don’tknow I don’t know if it’s gonna be bienI really want you guys here to be theonly ones gonna beat but I’ll put thesein for like six or seven minutes 6:14now so at 6:00I like 619 I’m gonna check on them againbut for now I’m gonna keep my dancingtoo low the time over I’m doingtick-tock dances if you could tell Idon’t actually know a lot of them butI’m trying to improvise because on thischannel we’re all about improvising soobviously try my best[Music]guys I really wish you hear the musiccuz I know and I put like differentiMovie music on it’s just not gonna beas good you know but it is release[Music]go flying launch cool Oh sounds fun guysso that’s where he’s gonna have to endbut I’ll hire your line with a conceitedon how so it’s like been more than sixminutes I think I honestly don’t knowwhen to judge if these are ready or notbut I poke them and they’re still likejust Moshe’s I don’t know if I need tolike make sure the wrong I don’t know sothe cookies are done I’m eating dinnernow but after dinner I’m going to get myfamily to taste this would be them Iwill insert those clips in the videookay I need a rating on softness tasteand overall texture overall my readingout of ten okay okay yeah you seem to beenjoying yourself okay so give me arating on texture okay and taste okay solike overall like seven awesome taste Ican tell that it’s not me with no I needratings textured vana is pretty goodokay like a seven okay I taste I’d giveit a five out of tenokay so like overall like six six and ahalf awesome thank you for the reviewlet’s go for it I see you guys meanthey’re like driving boys at the sametime like I knew going into this it wasgonna be bad so at least I knew that wasgonna turn about I tried my best that’sall that matterstexture you know I’m proud it’s like asoft cookie so texture like eight Ithink tastes four three three overalleither like five out of ten cookies theylook good they taste bad so hey guys notsomething hereso I just finished editing this videoand I realized my out show was filmed inslow-mo some of it disappointed myselfcuz like why would I fill my outro inslow-mo is my one question but that’sokayit’s fine I’ll just do it right now thisis my first video so it’s how I gonna betrashed but you know what that’s okaycan’t be perfect like comment subscribemy IG is Madison dot bachelor and yesyou guys the next video

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