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No bake cookies part 1

Hardest thing to make with Bethany because of the stove, but we got through it.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh you ready yeah okay let’s look atyour ingredients first we’ll view stoolto the counter are you going to chefBethany you actually only need oneingredient not the frigerator that a cupof milk at the top yeah we need that cupof milk you see it yeah you got itget it okay wait Bethany sorry chefBethany we going over here to the potgotta go to the conewe need a pot Bethany ah chef Bethanyget on the stool yeah she sure is okaychef we need the pot what we do want tobe bacon no bake cookies todaythat’s our ingredients yep I believedon’t know don’t know what okay yeah youknow bacon first thing you do chefdestiny because you’re making these nome no bake cookies you need to get thesugar sugar with the sugar Gary yeahpour it in the poteven if I’m gonna put it in a sink thenyou put the milk in you remember that’scool cool cool cool and then one morethingnot the peanut butter yet we got to getthe butter yeah back-to-back you canreach the bottom yes and the but withthe bowl stick in there good job chefyes we gotta go to the soul now I mayhelp you get the stove okay I got thenmay seem too much but you’re super Gekkomuscles yeah okay put it uphill and I’ma handy to you cuz you got a moviestudio step down we’ll just um just knowit[Music]you got yeah you surethat Chef Bethany using her soup okayI’m gonna put it on the stool step stepstep up step up step up now I’m gonnahave to help you okay cuz I can’t letyou get burntwell burnt you you got burnt alreadyyeah oh no how about you push thisthrough to the side there and I stir itand when you get off this winning it offthere okay but do the so important totake a bit manless any asked oh that’sthe gumbo will shut definitely you closeto the phone look at your face rightthat’s okay then ain’t you waving yeahbut they’re not waving it anyway I’lljust leave it at me doesn’t did you amme but then you okay no we got astir till they start bawling hey what Imean when the bubbles don’t come hereokay okaywhen the bubbles stop coming gonna bestir for one minutego one minute money what if I split nodoes not Joe spoon why because thatschool was for the gumbooh you’re supposed to be going oneminute right now Joe my elbowsI shouted key so mommy are you sure you- yeah Manny yesno showing my eyes you sure yeah yeahand then my apron now your apron theycan’t see your apron let me see itokay look at your apronthat’s my chef wanted y’all to see herapron ticketyhi yes dude they didn’t start yet butthey almost started Oh Colonel chef Isee you want I think I’m bothering Ithought that’s what you said you’rebored of waitingOh know that sometimes you cook stuffthat take a while to do you know mommywhat is your ex Oh dad will call it allright it’s orangeyeah right there Oh x marks the spotyeah what you want to use that launch Xfor while you’re baking you want startfond of it yeah yeah without burning youyou know come on step upwe gotta clean the stove

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