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Video Transcription

hi so we’re making cookiesokay and I got this stuff that I need tobasically butter just a little sugarlight brown sugar vanilla extracttwo eggs flour baking soda baking powderdo we have sea salt sea salt andchocolate chips whoo most importantingredient for cookies we have all ourstuff did you tie my hair because youdon’t want hairy cookies now three cupshow many cookies are amazingtwo cups three cups I did it yay we didit guyshigh five oh my god hug okay now we needbaking soda one teaspoonI’m preaching me on the teaspoon but Idon’t care so I’m gonna do 1/4 teaspoonand do it four times is only thedifference between hey any scientistsdown the console and vanilla[Music]okay wash your hands you want some[Music]oh how do you forget the butter what yesremember butter I knew I did somethingwrong one cup this is probably one cupright 130 so this is 100 so like there Ishould really be bored okay and now weneed to soften it so I don’t know how todo that welllow battery you don’t ever do that somebutter on my finger what is that okayforget the butter I don’t know okay yougood bye with wish why did I call it awish there’s no more I love whisk youoh I think pretty much you know you guysthink um I really love it you it lookstoo yellow I want P I’ve never gottenanything out of the oven before Rubyjust what does a smooth visit means areyoushe’s like I’m still a camera shy oh mygod someone’s fallen like eight timessick what are you looking forhi cookie cookie okay I wash my handsit’s okay rightisn’t it amazing Ruby stop eating okayfirst are you done well on anything sowell guys then I spent 20 minutesputting the dough into balls but thenevery raised oh I didn’t add the sugarand I died insideI knew that she did not put that sugar apose sorryokay so made a mistake you for up thesugar white sugar I thought I wasforgetting somethingliterally right in front of me how manystop that’s a lot yeah that’s a lot ofsugarthey want me to do two cups of that howI wash my hands it’s okay right why isit ready what did I do wrong huh looksso gross it looks I think I’m only gonnaeat like one of them and then throw upwhat if we get someone else I wouldn’tbe surprised okayhow much of the one cup of light browndots in it well it would that was a lieI’m so sorry guys I lied to you she’sgood or is this a garlic masherwhatever I did something wrong okay andI’ll get back to and they’re never 25minutes for you its prey like 10 minuteseditor 12 minutes now vote for me thisvideo has been week five minutes long[Music]no to cookiesokay it’s okay rightyeah my dad really likes cookies so Ibet you really want to see them thosefrom far away they look fine but closeup they look don’t even want to talkabout it since you’re the guy wow youdid an amazing job Amelia Wow look atthatthey’re so pretty I’m not really proudabout how this one up but I’ll show youwhen they’re done so the cookies[Music]okay now signs it oh okay now side totruck I’m really scaredum Wow doesn’t it look amazing[Music]okayOhyou

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