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No bake cookies part 2

Finishing the cookies up.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so the pot right now got the partyeah sorry don’t fallyou gotta get to other side get thevanilla did it get you yeah okay yeah itgot me everyone let’s get something elseout again that’s a little bit I’mhelpingokay that’s enough gotta aim at the saltthat’s it now you gotta add the oatmealbless you you won’t fall alone yeah justpour it in there oh yeah and one moreingredient spoon it in thereokay chef Bethany cheffing you gonnahave to do a little bit better than thatdon’t baby yeah babyoh better do it do itokay get the rest of it up you can’teven see the bowl all the bowl we wonhere and get the peanut out with nothingin it[Music]chef it let me help you you stir yousaucer you stir wah get the recipe no nobake cookies it’s a cookie money are notyours I don’t need welded bacon are wemaking a cookie Lester and I look notlike these cookies and daddy okay[Music]because the yeah my daddy like he’s goodwhen you finish in there that’s on footoh oh baby you leaving me okay my chefknife

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