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No Bake Cookies

Landry makes No Bake Cookies with Cheerios and peanut butter!
1 cup corn syrup
1 cup sugar
Bring to a boil add 1 cup heaping peanut butter. Then add 4 cups of Honey Nut Cheerios

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Video Transcription

[Music]and happy Saturday morning I’m gonnashow you how to make peanut butter nobake chill yo cookies okay thengreetings to your need is corn saltsugar and peanut butter and up plushoney nut cheerios so the first thingI’m gonna do is put my cons up in mybowl and you’re gonna need your parentshelpand you need one cup of corn side nowI’m gonna pull Amash you’re going tobubble and boil itnow I’m gonna turn my oven ontoo thickwe’re gonna wait until it boiledokay that’s a boil now I’m gonna put myheaping peanut butterI’m gonna mix this togethernow I need to pour my cereal inyom-yomnow I need to put my Cheerios on theparchment Aprilthank you for watching cooking withLandry hey get out of theredon’t forget to push like and subscribe

13 Replies to “No Bake Cookies

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  2. let’s just appreciate kuya owen and her mom for being so supportive kuya and mamshi kay mami gwy! ❤️

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  4. “di ko kase alam yung masarap sa di masarap” PUNYEMAS RELATE JAHAAHSSSHSHHAHAH

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  6. mami gwy’s brother and mother are so supportive, she’s lucky likeee… AAAAA ❤️

  7. A person who is an author, vlogger, model and baker na rin…. she’s just amazing

  8. Can we just appreciate gwy’s kuya,,,, he took some montage for this vid AAACKKK SANA ALL

  9. argh i like seeing gwy with celebrities,,, imagine heussaff siblings helping you to bake

  10. she’s the only author i know na pinagtatanggol e mga fictional characters niya✊❤ I STAN MAMI GWY!!

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