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Today, I baked chocolate chip cookies for the first time!

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up this is fly chick’ YomiKasuga Yomi so for today’s video we aregoing to bake chocolate chip cookies wehave here the recipe from tasty tastycode so for the recipe we have here 1/2cup granulated sugar 3/4 cups of brownsugar 1 tsp salt and 1/2 cup of unsaltedbutter 1 egg 1 and 1/4 cups ofall-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon of bakingsoda and 4 ounce of milk chocolateshatters and you are nothing shimomuraso you’re not a recipe nothing or to beguys precise kuma bakes and because I’mgoanna Magee result Anetafor the first step for my future iscoming psych episode successor 9w buttersoul and granulated sugar to our brownsugar so it’s an elegant moon and apeanut butterlet’s do don’t get nothing so guysmeet my own butters Kongo Gumi Tina andthe food to Martha LovatoYatta[Music]ion’s guys you go to people do nothingon the butter me hear what everyone yousir levena poo not the National Guard[Music][Music][Music]no wonderful now look people aredefinitely no egg in there now[Music]elevator would happen your purposeMagnus movie[Music]I’m givin it breatheif I’m not equipment Kanhaiya is it notI don’t know the linear economy no hadno flowers you know someone acrimony solate[Music]that was guys for non-union items ofPotosi I add we did not know cosine ofbaking soda[Music]we- by last good how are you dickseemed even again in time back hi guysthe phenomenon battery and even unaHaruna poor so muggy go in at I nominate[Music]Cecil and ruin and chocolate Charles[Music][Music]Nagaina poona’s and she set up in thenew 8 for 30 minutes can you open thefridgehi guys a little bascomb a parody so badabout anything I mean remember Jimcookies are there but I need in a manAvenue oven hi guys so 180 degrees nowand my papa in Nami what’s up[Music]hi guys so 30 minutes not humongousphenomenon cookies opening Canisius 11below[Music]hi guys the principal be Lubin anonymousa young age flora Nicola gained apermanent buzzer Ferengi to mediatelalalina poona’s in Chester open okay goto be thin[Music]yes[Music]and even an improvement in shock for aminute stop the word 12 to 15 minutes[Music]hi guys sniffing man openeth and a lotin cookies papa component is a lot forour first maister maister[Music][Laughter]no outside no godly you can see cookingchops on the officer underneath the moonand I process a blanketyou know vibes no no[Music][Laughter]who’s everyone within your nominal um Imean um Owen Beane abajo a big laugh cuzI have in my gluto a seven point fivepoint my dad Jo Jo I said at the volumeof big thank you for watching don’tforget to subscribe down below and tiemy knot affiliations or if you wanna beupdated in my videos here thumbs up ifyou like this and I think and see younext video bye

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