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Trying to make cookies

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Video Transcription

– love you and today we’re gonna beplaying Minecraft again and so I startedmy little like a little farm over thereI got I got my home so I got a good homeremember we’re getting we’re gonna makeher cookies cookies or cookies we’regonna make our cookie crisp but I havesome melty right iron in here and youand you’re gonna see what we’re about todo like we just bought this so put thatin there and my brother will play withus soon enoughrat cheeping man over there but I didfind some diamonds so we just keep goingdown I also did to find a place that islike just cold but I probably died therelike four times cuz there was like askeleton I was trying to kill a skeletonand then this skeleton was not dying solike yeah[Music]and then there we go we got thosediamonds hey heyevery time I mine diamonds I have to saya good let’s go you mean those richpeoplemy gosh this is so hard my finger hurtswhen pushing the spam button oh crapput that and look the things that Idon’t want do you just hear that I justheard like flip fricking love them likethe things that I don’t like like I’mnot gonna be able to use this whodoesn’t want to honestly crap I can’trun I’m gonna have to eat UCP but Ican’t I don’t sleep very asleep andgonna wake up remember we have a big daywe gotta go we gotta go get those um andI sleep in just wasted woodthere oohdiamonds Lord let’s go boyI remember that other diamond piece thatwe got bop bop hey let’s goand I need to crash some more I wasgonna put them together but down rightthere now store all the stuff that wedon’t need we might need that we don’tneed the iron don’t leave the redstoneoh hey we’re locked and loaded so we’regonna find some sheep and kill the lambcome here piggy piggy piggy ahGuardium get VP Oh cow Wow I’m gonnamake you fall off and then fall off kidfall off you’re just a pig you’re notgood at minecraft and didn’t dieI’ll stop running that running don’tresistpeople don’t resist or you get need moreI can just end it but then I’ll justtorture you if you start running if youstop running got some meat that willsurvive me for a little while hey startheading to the forest[Music]I’m very good but we are finally herethree episodes where you got diamondgearwell we just got diamond stuff that’sdangerous look how big that hole is soscary when you find some cocoa beans andthen we’re out Oh yep cocoa beansah let’s go they look like yeah yeahthey look really go go beat crap getthose we’re all the pandas wait I thinkI have I don’t think I have the updatedmode where the pandas are so yeah so youwon’t be seeing any pan those I wish Icould but I I don’t think I have theupdated version Oh flip I’m actuallyclimbing on trees and I might die but Ihave parents I’m gonna do though I’mgonna do the call Polly wanna crackerPolly wanna cracker Polly wanna crackerPolly wanna cracker Polly want a cracker[Music]bouncing count Polly want a crackerPolly wanna cracker Polly want a crackerI don’t see any but um let’s keepsearching Kyle where did you go hey heyheyout eat eatabout that hurt wait me here or only twofor a little bit there might be like oneof those those tunnels those thosethings that are like traps or somethingway which oh that man oh my gosh let’slook over here and then we’ll startheading home it’s me it’s a cat T Catcome here Cat cheeky kid melons melonsoh yeah there’s no band-aids we gotthose bandage yeah hey I just want towork with you cat I just I just want towork with you ah get these melons ohit’s about to save in five four oh let’sgo we got we got the melons we got thecocoa scene then after this we’ll havethe biggest farm everI’m Littlefoot bird I’m gonna do thebird call before them before I leavePolly wanna cracker Polly want a crackerPolly want a crackerPolly wanna cracker Polly want a crackerPolly wanna cracker Polly want a crackerPolly want a crackerwhat’s up what’s up is that a Polly nopeit’s a flippin chicken oh goshthought I saw Blu that’s what they’renormally made out of blue stuff startheading home I forget where my houses noactually I forget where my houses yesokay I see the mushroom place so that’sgood place close to my houseOh JA flip melons boys my legs stuckthey’re so good dolphins slippingdolphins let’s go show me the waydolphin show me the way show me Oh Ohwhat it’s a spongeit’s a sponge I wanna know he’s gonnagive me poison you’re gonna give mepoison ivy or something at all oh I wasgonna drop out gun drum we rounded thisgame Polly want a cracker Polly Pollywant a crackersuccessful today wait let’s see if wecan plant them what I think it has to bethose particular cheap trees oh so goodI’m gonna get my hoe I’m gonna make mymelon farm my wheat farm and my cocoabeans my cocoa beans cocoa bindingsreally look at that my cocoa binds andit took us a whole entire day to getthis stuff but we did it we got thisarmor we got our cocoa beans mines andwe got our melons thanks for watchingguys make sure to subscribe subscribeand see ya next time

5 Replies to “Trying to make cookies

  1. awww so cute that Rico was tagged, what a lovely ending to the video 😀 this put a huge smile on my face!!! xx

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  5. Now I am craving banana bread! Looks delicious, and your friend is so nice! Love seeing you like this having fun with your friend! Thanks for the video! XO

  6. Adorable intro! Ahh banana bread, a perennial favorite. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It looks delicious!! xoxo

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