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No-Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello my friends I hope you are allhaving a wonderful day I’m back here inmy kitchen and wanted to show youanother fun and easy recipe that you canmake it home so let’s get started let’swash our hands alright my hands are niceand clean we are ready to get startedand we’re gonna be making some but nobaked cookies todaythese are super fun to make it homebecause you don’t even need to turn youroven on you don’t need to worry aboutgetting anything hot heating anything upthese you just make another frigeratorso they’re super safe super fun andsuper easy so let’s get started with ouringredients we’ll need some oatmealwhite sugar brown sugar cocoa powder andsaltwe’ll need a banana now for this youwant bananas that aren’t green or aren’tall the way Brown it’s perfect when it’syellow with a little bit of brown spotsyou don’t want it to brown or you don’twant to green either we need some peanutbutter now if you have a peanut allergyor don’t eat peanut butter in your houseyou can use Sun butter you can usealmond butter you could probably evenuse a Nutella too if you wanted thatwould be a delicious you need somebutter at room temperature now to get atroom temperature you just need to pullit out of the refrigerator about an hourbefore you start baking now if youforgot like me you can also just stickit in the microwave on about 30% powerfor 30 seconds or so for our materialswe need two measuring cups and spoonsI’m using a quarter cup a 1 tablespoonand a teaspoon measure you need aplastic bag this is a quarter sizedplastic bag and a widemouth job a cupwith a wide lid and you need a bakingtray andthese silicone nonstick mats for mybaking choice you could use parchmentpaper you could use wax paper anythingthat’s gonna help your cookies not stickto your tray these are pretty sticky sothat is really helpful but if you don’thave those that’s fine too you’ll justneed to do some extra cleanup workgetting the the stuff stuck off of yourtray all right let’s get startedI’m gonna use this plastic bag to mixall of our ingredients together and I’mgoing to use this jar so we’re gonnastart with 1 cup of oatmeal[Music]and wine a quarter cup of brown sugar soI’m gonna use my fingers to press thisdown and make sure I have a full quartercup and 2 tablespoons of white sugar[Music]of salt so for a pinch we just need atiny little bit so little that we don’thave a spoon small enough to measure itso we just want to insert in your bagyou can pull it out of our jar once allmixed up you can put it back to energyour carefully open up the top of our bed[Music]we can add our butterhalf of our banana you can save theother half for breakfast tomorrow or asnack latertwo tablespoons of peanut butter it’skind of sticky so you might use yourfinger or another spoon to get it off ofyour measuring spoongot some of my finger so I got to washmy hands again[Music][Music]carefullyall the air we can close up the top weneed to mix for about three minutes[Music]have one last very important ingredientto add be supercareful open it up if youmixed it pretty crazy stuff mixture ontoour tray so I’m going to pinch onecorner thick mixture so you’re gonnahave to use your muscles squeeze itpinch it and squeeze it until it comesall the way out of the bagmake your whole little bigger so for itdon’t worry about them looking superpretty or delicious at this stage wewill come back and fix them later butfor right now we can put these in therefrigerator for 1 hour and clean up ourkitchen[Applause][Music][Applause]all right my friends these have been inthe refrigerator for one hour so we’reready to shape them all we need to do isroll them into a ball and squish themdown nice round cookies once yourcookies are all shaped you can put themback in the refrigerator for two tothree hours until they’re completelysolidified my cookies have been in therefrigerator for a few hours and theyare ready they aren’t sticky anymore andI can pick them up easily these cookiesare so good they’re easy they’re quickand they are so much fun to make thankyou so much for coming in cooking withme today I hope you give this a try athome I’ll see you guys next time

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