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My mom teaches me how to make cookies!

I have no idea how to make cookies- so today my mom teaches me! This video was a lot of fun to make, and the cookies tasted pretty good.

Thanks mom for teaching me how to make cookies, and thanks grandma for filming!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay guys so before the video begins Ijust want to apologize for the amount ofnoise in the background the doorbelljust kept going off so I apologize forthat but without further ado let’s getinto the video hello and welcome back tothe channelnow this channel my channel oh yeah thisis my dadjust kidding no this is my mom basicallywe’re just gonna make cookies well Idon’t learn how to make cookies she’sjust gonna like tell me she’s gonna tellme how to make the cookies and thenwe’re gonna eat them and hopefully wedon’t get Salmonella from them beforethe video begins make sure you subscribeand like the video and share it withsomebody who is a cookie eater no just acookie I’ll share it with your favoritecookie okay so oh you have the reciperight here on this very high-qualitypiece of paper as you can see the backhas new state-of-the-art pouchingequipment may I bring that to yourattention ladies and gentlemen so it isa very old recipe but there’s nothingelse like it which is why this is theone we’re going to bake today voilawould you like to grab the ingredientsyeah okay so we need butterwe need a dark brown sugar there’s adifferent colors – sugar yes get thevanilla um and no that would be flourjust like it says on it but don’t put itaway we will need it oh I’m just aheadof the game brown lady here and mygentleman brown sugar is actually brownlike the the name suggests[Music]so be here in two daysit’s a brown-sugar I did excellent twoextra-large X there’s different sizes -eggs – yes and while you’re in thereplease grab the box of baking soda oh ohyeah we enter vanilla excuse me it’sokay okay wait wait wait wait wait whatis thathey I’m Irene Pete’s excuse me forfighting in here I just excuse me aninvitation no I love that they mail tohim there vanilla oh it was grandma’sfault I blame herdo we need ketchup please bring the saltas Wowsure I found the purity so pure likethis content you were walking right nowand of course we need a bag of chips nowwould you like to add peanut butterchips of your salty do you want to dothis by your side okay okay what next wegot the chips but would you like to alsoadd peanut butter chips to it or wouldyou like to make it only just withchopped watch this I have the force Ican oh my gosh did you guys see that Iliterally got that I have no where may Ijust like show you there is nobody therebefore you begin you must turn the ovenon bring it to 350 degrees clearly I’mthe only one here trying to move forwardwith the cookie baking I’m measuring outmy butter this is a complicated processhow about did you check the oven it’slike the third time oh oh oh probably dothat that would be that would be smartokay so as we can see right here whichside is at the top that should be 350 Idon’t know how to use it openyou do it right I trust you okay okaylet’s check the oven oh my god my sisteris in there you need a bowl full mm-hmmall right you I don’t get it out yeahbecause I know okay so so the next thingyou’re going to do is put the butter inthe bowldid you cut up your 0.75 oh I’m justgonna put the two and I’m like put thatone element okay okay all right as longas you’re keeping track best practicereally is to measure out beforehandbecause otherwise it’s easy to forgettrying to see the paper in here a littleextra paper never killed anybodyI think oh my god I missed again why notokayI’m to cut this one in half I’m gonnaget a knife so you’ll know that there’sa handy-dandy little line oh my godwould you look at this oh my godsatisfaction okay there we havecompleted this can you get a littleclose-up of the butter oh my gosh wouldyou take a look at that that is a lot ofbutter you’re going to put one and ahalf cups of brown sugar brown sugarthe trick to brown sugar is you want topack it in really really tightAckman tight so you’re gonna take thislittle guy and put it in here and thisis a half cup so you’re gonna need howmany of those let’s see if you can dothat wait what did you even say use 1and 1/2 cup 1/2 cups sothirty-six three I can do math now alittle trick is when you overfill youcan take the backside of a knife and youcould just do this little actions to getrid of the X XS I’m so good at thisI will also be clean to pack it in alittle bit more attack it tight I got itI got it like that okay okay boom thenyou’re going to add your vanilla youneed three tablespoons of vanilla sothis is your tablespoon you’re gonnawant to open the cap okay you don’t wantthe garbage it’s not inside it’s justjust chin X it’s my face in the shot isthis in the shot shout out to my grandmabest camera woman out there three ofthese oh my gosh are you seeing thatthat is so satisfied Oh too much toomuch okay well the good news aboutManila is it’s gonna be so tasty you’refine okayokay next step we’re going to mix thesethree ingredients together we’re gonnastart out slow so see that you want toturn it on first and then you want touse the lastnow one mistake that a lot of whosenature is to actually start it first andput it in so you want to start in thereand you want to start slowall right so you don’t need toincorporate it all the way to add theeggs in no the time is to put the eggsincan I start making egg puns they’llcrack you up now what do I doyou crack two eggs into the batter andincorporate it just be careful not toget any I’m pretty sure happy eggshelldoes one in there that’s shell in theremore Pro – you know you don’t want toexcels in your cookies can you do it ohyou just want to put your finger inthere open it gently you don’t want toget anything still in there only happyokay now incorporate the rest just makesurethat was our sectional next step is tocombine your dry ingredients together soyou’re gonna need a different goalI’ll rip that so we have the bowl thesecond one it’s like kind of smallerthan this one like this bowl is like meand this bowl is like her so you we’regonna want to mix our dry ingredientstogether in the second mole and thendump them into the first Bowl that’s whyour first bowl is bigger than our secondbowl why don’t you just so now you’regonna measure out three and a quartercups of your bios Oudin per hour for allof my English people out there all rightgood okay very goodnow the next thing is to put in oneteaspoon of baking soda and that’swhat’s going to make your cookies risethat’s one teaspoon okay and then getyour salt why do we need salt andcookies Bella because a little saltactually offsets the sweetness so itmakes it taste better so you need threeand a quarter teaspoons of salt so hereis your half teaspoon and a four and aquartercheese moves you know one of their pollsyou soonyou need a three and a quarter not onein three quarters no yeah so three ofthese no three quarters oh you saidthree and a quarter three quarters okaywell I’m up I’m up Warner no no no nothis is a lot easier to do it this wayotherwise it’s gonna get everywhere andyou’re not gonna get the right amountboomokay now what you want to do is you wantto use a littleone of these little guys oh I can dothis you don’t have to be somewhere elseoh no I was just getting text messagesbecause I’m just that popular now whatno so who do I get a mix again yes aboutLois feet and you don’t want to mix itall the way low speed low speed becausethis flower has a potential to fly awayoh my gosh that looks good okay so youwant to use um whoops your spatula maybeto bring the is that just normal cookiedough yep come and the video here andjust eat this keep going[Applause][Music][Applause]oh gosh yes we don’t lift it up don’tlift it up this is what happens allrightjust grab this piece over here becausethe mute now you’re at risk ofovermixing okay yeah don’t want toovermix it’s bad that’s badcatches ends up on the floor Coco oh nono no don’t give it to the dogso the next thing you’re gonna do isactually you’re gonna add your cookiesyeah because you’re gonna keep mixingonce you put your oh there you go aswell as your peanut butter Oh moneydouble that the whole bag oh yeahmore chips a bit better I like to makemy cookies with lots and lots of chipsMamma Mia[Applause]okay next up is to take our cookiebatter and actually make on our trays sowe’ve prepared to me quickie pans and wehave these handy dandy parchment paperso you’re gonna leave in paper yes it’sessential to making good cookies justparchment paper not a normal paperparchment paper you’re gonna put oneparchment paper on each cookie tray sayparchment paper fast five times Icompete by your people favor pitas pantsokayput a parchment paper on each all rightthat’s like kind of small do it thenit’s okay it’s fine you’re gonna rip itthere you goyep and then you’re gonna space them outa little bitno these are pretty um Kiki cookies sothey’re not gonna I think we’re workingon whores thick so they’re not gonnaspread a time um they’re gonna be niceand cakey thick very easy it’s gonna endup on the ceiling I was right my gosh Ididn’t know my phone so I made cookiesthey’re not gonna believe me but this istrue video proof yes moving image proofmm-hmm so next step is to actually justput this in the oven to let it bake lookthe other one um well let’s put this infirst to us we’re gonna make used soyou’re gonna open up the oven turn thelight on your you wanna come over herewelcome to this side of the kitchen I’mso glad you came to join uswait I want to honor gloves so that itfeels official we work with them you’regonna put them in the middle rack I’mgonna leave her in my arm it does whatit put it in the top rack you’re youguys seeing thishere like you’re putting it in the wrongway you need to turn it over thelandscape stuff okay that’s pretty hotwell Ohsee what I did there I need to realizethat pun I’m so funnyboom 9 minutes on the clock so you canleave that right thereokay so continue the same process whilethose are baking you’re gonna make yournext tray[Music]so it’s been nine minutes so now Bellais going to check with status or up thecookie pretty close okay 27 all righttake a look right you want to come overhere we’re herethank younow I look a little wet yeah they stilllook a little wet what you’re lookingfor is you want this top actually to behard to the touch which is these are seeyou got some crispy tops right therewhich are perfect looking pretty good Iwould touch them no problem do not touchthem now we’re gonna put these aside forthem to cool off actually we’re going touse what we call the reason we do thatto allow ya air to travel throughunderneath them all not yeah we’re gonnalet them cool off a little bit whenthey’ve cooled off they’re actuallygonna come off very easily stay tunedokay now it’s time to take out thesecond tray mom’s gonna do this becauseI don’t trust Bella to not burn himselfoh okayso those little crispy top spots that’sa good sign that our cookies are done sowe’re gonna take out our third and finaltray out of the oven now okay let’s takea look at these puppies oh look at thatbeautiful color we make these a littlebit more because in our house somepeople like them crispy some people likemore wet so this is going we’re gonnahave something for everyone so anyway wehave the two right here I’m gonna goahead and try the cookie for the firsttime I’m gonna take this little brokencookie cuz yeahoh my god we’re done guys that playdo you like the curtain this is so muchstop talkingpeople push my armor tired okay well ohmy gosh there’s a struggle it took usabout three hours but we’re finallyreally cookies for the first time umanyway since she’s busy stuffing herface I’m so good oh and there’s dadphotobombing Aunt Karen if you’rewatching this which I really hope youare then thank you for the cookie recipethey’re really good and your mom fornever getting back helping me makecookies I now know how to make cookiesso hopefully I can make cookies bymyself one time or two times or threetimeslook Oh anyway thank you mom for helpingme make cookies and before you guys gosubscribe oh you read my mind but yeahguys thank you so much for watching thevideo make sure you like share commentsubscribe enabled those postnotifications if you want to cuz if youdon’t then everybody says thatjust stop talking let me finish soanyway that is going to wrap it up forthis video thank you guys so much forwatching and I will see you guys in thenext one[Music][Music]

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