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This is just a simple cookies, nothing special but it taste good enough for the family.
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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody and welcome back to mychannel so today is Saturday and I amjust at home staying at home for almostfive days already and yeah and I amtrying to be more creative as much as Ican because you know we need to becreative while staying at home actuallythere’s a lot of things you can do whilestaying at home with this quarantinebecause I think that is the best thingthat everyone can do for this countryright now or for for any country that isjust also struggling when it comes tothis crisis vicious The Cove at 19so yeah this virus is really stressingeveryone right now but guys rememberthat you can always choose your thoughtsthe point that the only one who is I’mcapable to to accept which is better andwhich is not better for your mind soeveryone right now pressure are having abad times not only at home but alsoespecially those who are still workingto those who are healthcare workers thesoldiers the policemen and those who areworking as a front liners especially toall of my workmates who are stillworking right now in the airport whichis in the air so from terminal 1 2 & 3you guys are all you know by any becauseyou are still working me you are allheroes guys and it’s a pity that I cango with you because I can you know I’mnot able to to go therebut I really want to I really wantsupport right now but I think this isthe better thing that I can do right nowto stay here andcookies so yeah so as I already told youyou can always choose your thoughtsbecause everyone right now are having alot of stress so since that you canalways choose your thoughts I think it’sbetter if you are going to choose alwaysa positive thoughts because every crisiswill will get over soon I mean we willget over to this crisis soon so you haveto put it in your thoughts because themore you get stressed the more yourimmune system will become weaker so itis also important for you or foreveryone right now who are strugglingand the surprises too so be come morepositive because you know in the booksays that our mind is the mysteriousorgan in our body so the reason why our- and the top of our body is because heis the controller actually so youalready controller of your own thoughtsguys don’t let don’t let the scenario orthe bad happenings to control yourthoughts so you can always choose yourthoughts so choose the positive thoughtsalways in order for you to strengthenyour immune system because it will helpyou to fight for any viruses that yourbody will hoping to have so it isimportant also to mind our psychologicalwell-being so um yeah so what this videois all about so I have more time to youknow to create more content but theproblem is that I still don’t have theinternet connection at home so that’swhy I cannot upload a lot of videosright now so last time as you noticed onmy last video on my previous video Iuploaded right last today’s ago I thinkso I borrowed the the Internet of myfriendyeah the router of my friend which isthe globe prepaid home prepay fresh is Imean the quality of the upload is notgood so I actually already applied for adesk a cable so the agent told me thatit’s two to three days process so it’salready in the process right nowand I asked I mean I called him for theupdate and he told me that it’s surethat we are going to have our connectionsoon but you know tomorrow my sister hasa very bad need when it comes to theInternet especially tomorrow becausetomorrow is already Monday so yeah guysas you can see you guys on my backgroundis very messy I have no I have no goodbackground to be shooting this videoright now so yeah this content is allabout what as I told you I’m trying tobe more creative as much as I can rightso why I am thinking right now is tomake a cookies but I’m not really sureabout these cookies we’re gonna stringout yeah but this cookies will get notesright now so um and also don’t mind thebackground it’s just the good music isespecially in this crisis it’s a verygood music so I am encouraging you allto listen to that kind of music but it’salways depends on you whether you youwill take my encouragement or notso yeah this video is all about makingcookies and I’m trying to make somedough no it’s all about just makingcookies which is not me there to be anyoven because I don’t have open hereright so I’m just living in a simplelife so I just only have me just onlyhave here a frying pan and also thepointer so that is just the materialsthat I’m going to tell you this to makecookies and also the ingredients thatI’m gonna be showing you now so guyscome onif you want to know more about makingcookies videos okay so keep on watchingalso before we begin if you haven’t beensubscribing to this channel don’t forgetto subscribe by just clicking thesubscribe button below and also ifyou’re already there subscribing pleasedon’t forget the heat the notificationmail in order for you to become updatedso all of my upcoming videos seeabsolutely hunter it’s just down below Imean the subscribe button so guys I’mgonna be showing you down how to makecookies so let’s go so let’s begin byshowing you the ingredients first it’sall for purpose flour yeast a SHINee andeggs – Eggs oil salt baking soda cacaopowderand Milo of course oatmeal for theflavor that is for the flavour Shugartof course the brown sugar and also whitesugar and this butter softened butter[Music]and let’s begin so put it in the bigbowl or whatever you desire to beputting it and fix it all together withthis so I’m invade this regard this isthe brown sugar that I am putting rightand let’s add more sugar because I thinkit’s not enough I’m gonna be addingthough more sugar so the brown sugarcurrently studying the brown sugar andof course the white sugar totally whitesugar but you know it’s wider than thefirst sugar that we put hereall right so three four five times copeup small spoon and add some egg to pieceof eggs and this one this is the vanillaextract – just to make it smell nicerall right let’s begin mixing it alltogether until it become caramelizedlike that it’s now caramelize it’s verynice nownow it’s ready to be bleeding theall-purpose flour so I’m going to begoing to add three scope of all-purposeflour so yeah Stan and let’s add thebaking soda just a small amount ofbaking soda I think it’s a woops I put alot so let’s remove some all right solet’s make it mix it all together andsome salt first this is salt adding nowdissolved and that’s enough that’senoughlet’s go mix it all together and I thinkwe needed to add a little bit ofall-purpose flour to school againand I think it’s good let’s go mix itall right so this is the result as youcan see it’s not very stretchyI cannot even mix it so very stretchythat is the result of the both mixingthose so let’s add some as a flavor sonow addedall right just fix itketchup just do whatever you want aslong as you can add oatmeal because it’snot easy to be squeezing like this it’slooks like you are just washing theclothes laundering the clothesbrushing coats just kidding so yes Ithink it’s good now so I am now going tomake another flavor which is the cacaopowder and adding some Milo to make ittaste nicer of course because the kidsare – my favorite is chocolate so I’mgonna be making another flavor which ischocolate cookies alright don’t mind myfingersI mean don’t mind using my fingers toadd the cacao powderand now I’m gonna be adding them and adda little bit of water and some sugar andmake it caramelize again so yeah I thinkit’s good now Wow you see a wholedelicious it is Wow add more sugarbecause I think it’s not yet enough andyeah I think it’s good so let’s get okayokay so let’s get a piece of thisstretchy makes all of us purpose flourand mix it together with the caramelizedchocolate just mix it stretch it dowhatever you want as long as you can mixit all together so there it’s very messydon’t mind how nice it ismy hands are clean and washed beforedoing thisso yeah it’s now mixing the chocolateand the worldvery stretchy now and I think it’s donelet’s put it aside and this is actuallythe dough but I didn’t put them on thevideo that how did they meet the doughbut it’s not really that good but webehaved later at the end of this videoso let’s now this is the regular onewithout flavors and this is speed[Music]and the chocolate so tree varietieschocolate guysvery nice chocolate and here’s now theresult we are now going to put it in thefrying pan with just a small amount ofheat we already had the cookiesright so that is the finished product[Music]ready all right fine for basting rightpace so this is the fiendish berettaokay chocolate[Music][Music][Music][Music]no make up some behind on your makeupthat’s the moment mafia[Music][Music][Music]I think it’s clean[Music][Music][Music][Music]yes that your workshop fellas in theyellow channel miracle freshnesslet me sister shot so fresh[Music][Applause][Music][Music]I’m new[Music][Music][Music][Music]so alright guys that’s all for this oneand I hope you guys enjoy and I hope wein the platoon a new party go ahead andcookies without the open open so justusing the frying pan frying just usingthe frying pan and the burner so yeah nooven oven for cookies so you can makeyour own cookies you can make your ownfavourite of the cookies whatever youdesired we can add some chips somemarshmallows and some other sesame seedswhenever you want to add in your cookiesyou can do it or oatmeal I tried threedifferent kinds of flavors which are thechocolate plain color I’m really cookingwith oatmeal so everything’s everythingall of the cookies it has a very nicebase so thank you for watching guys andagain and guys if you are new to thischannel and if you want to know more ifyou want to become updated to all of myupcoming videos it’s not forget to hitthe subscribe button belowit’s just below and also if you’realready than subscribing don’t forget tohit the notification mail as well inorder for you to become a patron so allof my upcoming videos so again and againthis is si Azul D hunter who sing thattomorrow who’s saying that I don’t knowwhat to say now because of what’shappening in the world it’s very sad tosee everything right now every part ofthis world are you know suffering fromthis coronavirus thing which is notreallygood for everyone so I hope this willend soon but don’t worry guysdon’t forget the thing positive alwaysand don’t forget that someday we willwake up in a normal world againso keep hoping that we will get over tothis pandemic outbreak soon soon soon insoon so this is he a salty hunter who’ssaying to keep dreaming but never stopdoing good bye guys and thanks forwatching[Music]

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