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Making The Best Sugar Cookies

Making Sugar cookies is easy here is all the ingredients you need…

2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

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Video Transcription

hello guys welcome back so for today’svideo I’m going to be making sugarcookies let’s start by naming theingredients that you will need for thisrecipe we will start with 2 and 3/4 cupof flour we have 1 egg we have half ateaspoon of baking soda we have 1teaspoon of baking powder we have 2sticks of butter here it’s very softbutter just make sure it’s very soft andnot temperature butter and then we havesugar here and vanilla so these are allthe ingredients that we are going toneed for today’s recipe so the veryfirst step is I have the butter here asyou can see it is very smooth I’veworked it to where it’s soft and I’mgoing to be able to mix in my sugar sowith the sugar and the butter I’m gonnamake sure that I mix those two thingstogether very well and then I will addone eggso when I mix this I’m going to makesure that the mixture comes out to bevery smooth it’s alright already lookingvery smooth so now that I see that it’scoming all together there is no clumpsthe butter smooth down very well withthe sugar just make sure that you havesomething creamy like this looking avery good tip that I can show you guysis to leave your butter out for a fewhours before you’re going to incorporateit in your recipeokay there we have our butter with sugarnext I’m going to add one eggwe are going to mix our egg into themixture now we see that the egg mix iscoming well with the butter and oursugarnow I’m going to add one teaspoon ofvanillayou can add another little half of ateaspoon so your cookies can come outwith more flavor about that much is okayand then we will mix that into ourbatterthere is thatnow we’re going to start with step twoso in this step we will be using ourflower I’m going to add the bakingpowder and the baking soda right inthere I’m gonna grab a spoon and I’mjust going to move it a little bit inhere stir it up just a little bit sothose ingredients can incorporate nowthat we’re done with the stuff what I’mgoing to do is I’m gonna grab a littlebit of this mixture that I just mix inthose ingredients and you’re going topour it into the mixture we hadpreviously made and you’re going to foldit in slowly in different portions smallportions so I’m going to start by addingjust a little bit and I’m going to mixit[Music]now you’re going to add this flour inportions until the fire is completelyincorporated with your batter[Music][Music]so now this is what the mixture issupposed to look like it looks a littlebit crumbly but when you grab a spoonand spoon it out to make your littlecircles it will stay a little bit moreconsistent and in place so I’m going toshow you how we make one little cookieball so you grab about this amount andthen you put it on the palm of your handyou’re going to mix it and it’s supposedto look something like this you can makethem as big as you want but if thelarger cookie that you make the moretime it’ll take to cook so normallyabout this size would be a good size ofa cookie so I’m gonna put it here on mypan and I’m gonna make a couple so youguys can see what it looks like[Music][Music]now our cookies are done rolled out andare ready for the ovenI’m going to stick them in the oven for375 at 375 for about 10 minutes if youwant them a little bit more crispier youcan go another two three minutes now wewill wait and I will show you the finalproduct so here is our cooked cookiesfresh right out of the oven I’m going totry some of them with you to see howthey taste you do have to take them offthe pan quick so they don’t get stuckbut let’s try mmm they’re nice and softsee how easy it is to break apart but alittle tip don’t eat too many becauseyou might gain weight but we’ll see youon the next video thank you for watching[Music]you

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