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How to make cookies (homemade)

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[Music][Music]LRS cookies now these are the these arethe ingredients that we are meetingtoday for our cookies and here that is 1and 3/4 cups of all-purpose flour andthat is 2 teaspoon salt that one is 1teaspoon baking soda this is the 1 cupbutter which is meltedI need it melted and 1 cup dark brownsugar and these are the these are theone cup dark brown sugar these that onethose dark the browner ones those arethe one cup dark brown sugar and thoseslighter ones are the light brown sugarand do this one vanilla one that’s thevanilla yeah – 2 TSP of vanilla done andone piece egg which is that’s 2 egg butthe other egg it’s just a yolk and theother is the whole egg except for theskin of course you don’t need thisand the one half of traveling tripsthese are the chocolate chips and the1/2 cup dark chocolate truck truck goodchallenge I like dark chocolate chip butlike it’s like or a bar tell it likethat okay first let’s go let’s do itfirst I’ll give you the tips first firstwear an apron so that your clothes won’tbe fresh anything there sugar[Music]and then mixagree so yeah it’s kind of super brawill not that Brown I mean where youwould look super brown boy yeah thatlook that’s what cookies looks likerightwe haven’t even aa cookie before or evernew comment down below its have you seenthese are not be almost there almostthem mixing these sugar and we know heythere’s salt goes just a bit more justto make sure there is no liquid becauseyou have to make it dry it now we putthe butter the melted butter if you haveto make it nothiit’s very liquid it’s all so disgustingit’s like who what if you see it afterits mate[Music]so yeah this is actually my second timemaking some cookiesI just forgot to show you how to makethe other kind of cookie last time Ithink I just ate that in two weeks orthree weeks the other cookie yeah that’swhat I’m talking aboutI don’t know it was one week I thinkpatience its liquid maybe we can do thisthis is kind of nice thoughmixing Olinda like this can go likesonic huh oh look it’s almost it’salmost dried just a bit more just tomake sure it’s not well I’m just jokingyou don’t turn they will turn into drythese are the wet ingredients look itkind of looks like a jelly not to putthe eggs and the egg yolkyou know it’s mix it it’s like joke downand Louisville it’s kind of yellowishokay now it’s mix properly set asidethen let’s go here up the dryingredients first the flour then thesalt this is the floor all for sportthere’s some ants sorry there wasn’t[Music][Music][Music]that’s nice so this one is the dryingredients so this is not going to belit with a since there’s nothing morethan the destroy me which is very dry Ohbaked since it’s mixed properly weshould mix it togetherfirst let’s put it here very fast thenlet’s mix so I don’t know it’s gonnahappen because this is dry and whatingredients maybe it’s a dry wetingredients put the othersthen let’s mix again yeah so after thiswe have our Cupido I was just jokingthat that I don’t know what’s gonnahappen but don’t take it is he mix mixmix mix mix mix it mix it mix it untilthat’s big milk like what we in the ovenalso heat up your own but we’re not donewith the with ingredients all theingredients we’re still missingsomething but not any part of this wetand dry ingredients this since itsproperly mix we should put the chocolatechips and the topit’s a lot oh my gosh I even wanna tasteit right now how about you this thumbdown below if you think it’s good or notstir stir stir stir stir mix mix mix mixjust have to cover it all with it’s veryhard cooking you know since I’ve alreadyheat them open maybe we should let themnow because we’re still going to need itflat like tiny balls and then flatten itkeep mixing mix mix mix mix mix mix ahthat’s a very hard mix yeah just makesure you got its also we’re on a primejust so your clothes won’t be theresince we’re home quarantine I hope youguys can also make some cookiesmonster after that scoop into balls in abaking sheet then bake it for 12 to 15minutes I don’t know I have a schoolthingI mean scooper like the ice creamscooper hey almost um stupid mom we’redoneso these are nice Cooper’s a doublespoon not so muchHeyoh man I’m not very good at this partdown below if you can do this or notokay since now we’re done ask yourparents okayokay I’ll see you after I think look seeyou

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  4. Loving the content. Definitely trying these super easy! Will have so much weight to loose after this lockdown lol

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