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Making cookies???(Taiwan)

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Video Transcription

it’s it’s due today but actually I don’tcare what your Peterkin is new um oldvideo me pinch of them it’s threeo’clock a.m. still[Music]what’s up guys as you guys know thecarniverous epidemic in the UnitedStates is terrible it’s totally terribleso many people die but now I’m in Taiwanand we already have six days zero casesso that was incredible and now I’m goingto my friend’s house to make somecookies I guess so that’s goodfaster I mean cookies[Music]what’s up guys how is it I think I don’tknow I haven’t seen ya still editing andI think today’s videos that too this istoday’s you roll I guess because it’snot that Anna what’s today’s topic it’spretty pretty tricky though but I’ll letyou guys answer this question what’stoday’s topic and comment below so thatI’ll know how to change yeah I thinkthat’s today’s for today’s vlog videoand I’ll catch you guys next video peace[Music]

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