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DIY How To Make Crumble Chocolate Cookies ~ Best Recipe You Will Find

This is the BEST chocolate cookie recipe you will every find, it is even better in the giant size, you can freeze them, for later too, they are so delicious, they taste just like the crumble cookies, easy to make any you can have them anytime, enjoy!

Here is the recipe:
Best chocolate cookies ever
1 lb of butter
2 c brown sugar
1 1/2 c white sugar
3 eggs
2 TBS vanilla
Mix together then add:
1 1/2 tsp Salt
1 1/2 tsp baking soca
6 cups flour 1 pkg of chocolate chips
Bake at 350 degrees for 14 mins for the giant ones and 10 mins for the smaller ones
you can freeze any left over dough and if you let them sit in the fridge for a day they taste better. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

well hello and welcome to my DIY todaytoday I am going to make crumble cookiesthese are the ingredients you need youget the other cup of sugar 2 cups ofbrown sugar one and a half cups of whitesugar 3 eggs and the chickens didn’t eatone pound of butter1 package of chocolate chips one and ahalf teaspoons of salt one and a halfteaspoons of soda two tablespoons ofvanilla six cups of flour and optionalis walnut I looked I like to put them inthere and some people don’t like them soI’m going to do half and half or youknow it’s up to you whatever you want toput it me optional so let’s get thosemixed up pre-heat your oven to 350 andyou need an ice cream scoop that’s goingto be how big we’re going to make thecookies we’re going to put in the eggsvanilla 2 tablespoons 2 Brown sugars alot of sugar that’s probably why theytaste so good one and a half cups ofwhite sugar and pound of butter softenedjust scoop that out blend it uphey one and a half teaspoons of salt andone and a half teaspoons of soda and onepackage of chocolate chips one packagemix those in then six cups of floursince that goes all over the placeyou need to turn that on mix that inthereokay let’s take a look perfect there yougoand I added the walnuts cuz I likealright let’s scoop them up bacon I putthe cookie dough in the fridge for awhile then you just use your ice creamscoop and that’s the size you want youknow it’s big but we’re doing cookiecrumble size hereokay there’s I’m just gonna do four forme in Papa Ohbecause if I cook them I’ll just eatthem and I’m just gonna put this doughin the freezerlet’s get yeah big scoop full thisoughta feed yahey there’s four cookies okay we’regonna cook those and do not overcookthem it looks like they are done I’veset them on here to cool those look goodI wait till they cool off and then meand Papa Oh we’ll give them a taste nowthose are huge cookies but they’re verydelicious and usually I make just littleones but then you think you have to eatfour of them because that was Papa’sbeen eating the cookies he says they arevery good are they the best cookiesyou’ve ever tasted in your entire lifethat’s what the recipe says you see Istill wanna look because it cookieitself tastes good it’s not differentchocolate big like this okay the rest ofthe cookies I just put on here and I’mgoing to freeze them and then when Iwant to cook them Jerris me I will getthem out okay that’s what Julianne saidshe says so the best cookies you’ll evertaste oh that’s the name oh well there’sa section well let’s call them that andsee if I cooked all these up we’dprobably eat them so I’m not gonna cookthem I’m just gonna freeze him like thisput them in the freezer and then I willbag them after they freeze hey they knowsome people like to eat rado raw cookiedough that’s true you won’t go to theraw so there you have it then Papa wantsto know if dinner’s ready yetokay you put saran wrap over thesecookies put them in the freezer and thenonce they freeze then I can put theminto a bag these are all done beingfrozen overnight I just need to bag themand then put the back in the freezer sowe can eat them for later Gatormake sure you put on here what they arehow and I put on there how long to bakethem and the date now just keep them inthe freezerchocolate chip cookies any time you wantand when the grandkids come back I amreadywell thanks for liking commenting andsubscribing and remember my DIYs come onevery Friday at 2:00 and enjoy bestchocolate chip cookies ever thank youand good night

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