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Baby making cookies

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Video Transcription

you want the mix put on your hat yougonna put on your hat oh okay yeah mixmix mixmix mix mix mix mix mix don’t play withityeah just mix itthat’s flour and sugar yep then we havebutter and two eggsokay I’m gonna get bags just keep mixingfor me please thank you Wow yeah keepmixing keep mixing baby I have to putthe egg yeah say hi first Frankie’s okaynow what’s this look look look look lookwhat’s thatthat’s egg don’t touch that just keepmixing with a fork keep mixing with afork honeyyeah keep mixing we need to put 2 eggyolks okay mix mix mix yeah we have toput the butterokay don’t play if you play what’s gonnahappen I’m gonna put you down don’t playI trust youwe put the butter okay no no no no notlike thatgently like thisyeah gentlycareful careful not like that go say hifirst say hiwe’re baking cookies right cookies whatdo we have here we have flour we havesugar butter and two eggs say eggs eggthank you thank you sir no thank you Ohwhere’s your head show your head pushyour head on your shoulder where’s yourshoulders show your shoulders shoulderspush your shoulders well sureno no swish your tongueah very good push your ice ice wish yourears years yearsoh Christ oh yeah push your teeth andhow do you brush your teeth brush yourteeth and what elsewhat else do you know you know theshapes see shapes okay what shape isthis this is square this oneok we’re all done we’re gonna put in theoven oh no not yetyou a number but now you want to go downbutton it go we’re done we’re gonna putit inside the oven oh we have to getgoingsay hi say hi to Danny hi we’re bakingcookies baking cookies are we done hereyeah no no kiss mommy mwah I love youbabyyes honey

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