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How to Make a Vegan Cookie Cake

I got some requests for vegan cooking, so here’s my recipe for making vegan chocolate chip cookie cake. If you have any recipes you’d like to see, comment below!

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right hi it’s me angel and I got alot of requests about like vegan cookingand stuff like that like a lot of them Inever I’m super lazy I’ve tried to filmone of these videos in a couple timesbut always kind of like didn’t work outfor whatever reason so um I’m doing itagaintrying again today and today I’m goingto be showing you how to make a vegancookie cake alright it’s like all of myingredients alright so for this recipeyou’re going to need you want flour I’vegot white all-purpose flour and then Ialso have oat flour it’s just feel thatI ground up and accept it through theMe’s both because I like both flour andbecause I don’t want to waste all of thewhite flour white sugar are you gonnamake sure it’s vegan I’m indifferentwhite sugars or filtered with like bonemarrow or something so just kind ofcareful with that you’re gonna wantbrown sugar as well vanilla baking sodayou’re gonna want baking powder mines inthis big container and you’re gonna wantvegan butter of some kind I’m usingSmart Balance and you’re gonna want anegg substitute usually I use likepowdered egg substitute but I’m out ofit so I’m just gonna use applesauce andalso you’re gonna want like salt andlike cooking oil like just spray yourpan with and stuff it’s the first thingfirst you’re gonna do is you’re gonnapreheat the oven to 350 I already didthat one oh and then of course obviouslyyou’re gonna want your chips it’s avegan obviously just make sure thatthere you go we’re gonna get our Bowlyour measuring cup and your flour everytime I open this flower open and gonnatry this thing I’m going to take a cupof white flour now you can just use 2cups of white flour but I’m going towhite flour and a chocolate flower whereyou could do that as well as you wantshere oopsI’m gonna do a little less than copyabout flour now next step is you’regonna add your sugar I by the way don’tlike usually I don’t even use likemeasuring cups so no you’re gonnameasure like a cup of sugar we’ll do itup here for you guyscup of white sugar and a little lessthan a cup and then I’m going and youknow this is not exact at all and someof it fell into there but that’s fine Idon’t finish it now we’re gonna do allthe dry ingredients first I use bakingpowder and baking soda in my creasebecause I like I like first of all Iprefer cookie dough over cookies ingeneral that I like my cookies soft andkind of cakey for 1/2 teaspoon of bakingpowder and we’re gonna do 1/2 a teaspoonbaking sodaand now we’re gonna put in the vanillawe’re gonna do 1/2 1/2 teaspoons ofvanilla so you got all your dryingredients in One Bowl now what we’regonna do is we’re gonna shock the butterso you’re gonna get look another full upside and you’re gonna open up the cup ofvegan butter usually there is hot saucemix or never you can also use like EarthBalance I can’t believe it’s not butterfor some reason some types of I can’tbelieve it’s our butter our vegan someare you can just got double check on theback whether or not it says that it hasany milk ingredients in itand I’m gonna measure out like a cupvegan butter so I’m just gonna get mycup and scoop beat butter into ittry and like pack it down a little bitbut not too much alright so this is alittle bit over you know it’s also kindof hollow in herelook I’m about I’m adventuring thingsthat’s why I didn’t really wanna do acooking show and I’m everything it’slike sucking measuring you’re gonna putyour butter lump vegan butter lump sorryin the bowl and then you’re gonna playthe microwave mom scared out of meand we’re just gonna add that in ourBowl no you’re gonna get a stash well atthis point to mix it up now what we’regonna do is we’re gonna put some I’mjust gonna take a spoon and put like atablespoon a big tablespoon of applesauce in there alright and now I’m gonnamix it all upand usually and like I said I alwayslike ad-lib my recipes and stuff so Iprobably I might add there’s chop to itum I don’t know every time I bake itcomes out a little different so I’mmixing it up now and it looks like Ineed to add more flour that’s what I’mgonna douse the half cup of a little bit overwhatever and continue to mix it alrightso mixed up I’m gonna taste it to see ifI need anything[Music]I’m adding like a pinch of salt causeit’s a little sweet try it againperfect so now I’m gonna add in thechocolate chips you can I it so this ishow many times and chips and putting inI’m gonna mix it up and see how wellproportioned that is all right it’s allmixed up now so this is I’m gonna usethis canola oil spray in so and now I’mjust gonna press down on the batter andeven it out and here is our finishedproduct so now I’m gonna stick it in theoven and I’m gonna put in the oven forlike 10 minutes and I’ll let you knowwhat done okay so I just took it out ofthe oven beautiful let it all the way upso now I’m gonna let it cool it’s reallysofthisssss it and when it cools down I’mgonna try piece and I’m gonna get my dadpiece and for all of them all apiece andwe will let you know how it turned outall rightthe cake is cool so I asked my dad ifyou wanted peace and he said yes I’mgonna cut him a pieceoh alright sure we’re going to my dadyou got ad I want you to try it oncamera though because I made a few Imade a video I made a cooking videoalright dadso that’s gonna try it he’s gonna letyou know how it came out very good thankyou Dad good chocolate and now you knowhow to make the freakin cookie cake thatshould satisfy your father as well hopeyou enjoyed the video um and if you makethis cake you should be a me a pictureof it in my Instagram just from toil andyeah if you want more cooking videosjust suggest like things you want to seeme cook in the comments and I’ll try andget to it alrightuntil next time[Music]

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