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Making Cookies part 1

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Video Transcription

okay let’s show the previous onesbecause there is a bit of a mess up withthe with that oneKQ bread there’s a you know there’s akid okay now the next one the next onethe next one of my list so the vilest isgonna be the string because it remindsme of tree mileage tree violet it’s avideo some people know what it is cuzthat cuz I saw their comments over yeahand I was like putting more comments andsome of them dude what you know do youknow the tree minor characters talk sothey so some of them they put add a bondthere and two little dots and then theyput what they actually said when whenthe UH egg was made but what they saidand sat on so they just put like likethey they don’t even put their names outthere j-just put the message thing andsometimes they put the message eitherwith the danger without the names andthey are and they are and they put andthey put themselves up there like theyput me and then they put the sing andthey use or what laughing sings becauseI think it’s funny or they put sadthingies or they put or they put a greencuz cuz okay okay okay doctor stop itokay or they put like you know they putuh I I saw I thought I think I saw whatabove with uh with a laughing faceon one of the episodes it was it was beFB so I get it I get it funnyuh-huh yeah I get it it’s funny it’s thenext one is this though where Frosty’swaithe’s uh you know what no he’s a dog he’sa that reminds me of what are theepisodeswait he’s a thingy I forgot what it washe’s a a I forgot what it was but it wasfunny because I didn’t know who theother one was but when I watched adifferent video I was like oh okay let’sdo the center class oh-ho-ho should wego to the previous ones we did yeahokay the fruit okay okay can we do thisokay the previous ones we did I overhearif you stopped watching or pastas it’s agingerbread the whatever that is sorrythe day was so inappropriate I can’teven say I can decayed the tree suckingand Frosty the Snowman okayokay so what have we got done yet ohwe’re gonna do them all over again wehave to do this no we don’t have to dothat because that was too hardyeah this is not a puzzlethey beat this this one is soinappropriatewhy did they even make one of these okaywe have to oppose it because you know sothey’re two differentthere’s whatever that is there’s a candycane there’s three there’s the stockingthere’s the snowman there’s the Santathree doubles she do it doubles down[Music]look how much is in this one it is howmuch she said that was yeah try not todrop my food inside it like who would dothatif you don’t know what those stuff inthere those chocolate chips chocolatechips people probably people willprobably only watch this video becauseit’s so excitingyeah because cookies Robbie trying toeat their phones if they see the cookiesso again going over everything sittingsyour bread whatever that is um Tedbecame tree stocking frosty stove it’sno bad Santa Claus tree doublegingerbread duck food and candy K doubleyes that was all oh I wouldn’t tastethat betteryeah I’m eating the batter yeahno the batter that’s in the bowl I meanthat batter eat the batter they can’teat it fit of food that’s the end ofthis video that’s the end of this videothat’s the end of this videookay well we have to make two videos ofthis so there will be a part two sothanks for watching if you’re watching Igot no subscribers yeah I told methere’s no subscribers they don’t know Ihave a channel only some people cuz Icommented on the dream Islands videosand only those people know menext I tap on the arm the little thingcuz it’s blue they tap on the thing ummyou’ll see my channel uh-huh cuz I typedup somebody’s and I say on this channelso so yeah bye

16 Replies to “Making Cookies part 1

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  4. Christmas the season of snow and hot chocolate. I love that all these youtubers are making different Christmas themed videos. 3 more days till Christmas. Love your videos and you are one of the best youtubers to me. Keep up the good work ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. you should get small pets like guinea pigs or a hamster and make videos like diy cages. i am sure it will get u lots of views, plus you’ll have a pet(s) to snuggle with.

  6. I doubt anybody will take the time to even read this but if anybody has any spare time i started Youtube a few months ago and I’m on the road to 5k!!!!!!!!!!! Just by simply liking this post will be a major help . ❤️

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