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How to cook a delicious Christmas apple pie with kids!

Christmas Sugar Cookies is a delicious and easy recipe for sugar cookies for the Christmas season.

Eggs 4
Apples 4
Flour 1 glass
Sugar 1 glass
Vanilla extract 0,5 of a teaspoon
Cinnamon 0,5 of a teaspoon
Coconut 3-4 small pieces
Lemon 1
Baking powder 0,5 of a teaspoon
Stir up eggs with sugar in a large bowl, then add flour with baking powder, vanilla extract and coconut, mix well.
Take a baking dish and oil it. Peel the apples and cut on a slices,then put them into the baking dish.Sprinkle apples with cinnamon and put the dough.Preheat oven.Bake 45-50 minutes.Cool 15 minutes and use powdered sugar at the end.

Christmas Pie is a delicious and easy recipe
for the Christmas season.Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and today we are makingChristmas pieso holidays are coming New Year andChristmas and we decided to make thispie we have ingredients here and it’sfor one glass of floor one glass ofsugar a butter three or four apples asyou want so some coconut lemon X so weneed four eggs cinnamon and bakingpowder so and we can start to do ourpaste and we are ready to prepare ourChristmas pie we are ready to start andfirst of all we need to break our X sofirst egg is here is hereyou can break this big uncut break youcan break the edge with a fork right soyes good I can help you and it’s heresecond adroit third egg yes one more andso two more let’s do it take work andright here yeah good and the last onethis is fourth quarter da for eggs andthis is fourth[Music]taya is mixing for X Y a secondone two three four for X the yellow andclear two colors yellow and clear and weneed to mix it everything next it willbe sugar we need to add a sugar to our Xso mix please yes you need to mixeverything good right now it’s time toadd a flower put it here into this bowland yes by yourselftie a blend everything please be carefuland next it will be baking powder weneed just half of our spoonso let’s blend and be faster please weneed to do it faster our next step ispeeling our lemon to our paste and let’sstart to peel so we can see small piecesof our lemon in the paste and it’s verygood yes you can try taking both handslemon and try to peel[Music]okay other side of our lemon we need todrop small pieces of coconut in ourpaste and mix it one more time mix itone more time right now you need to oilour baking dish with a butter and dropour apples all the bottomsit’s time for apples so drop all theapples inside this bowl yes let’s do itby yourself all the apples are on thebottom cinnamonand next we will will be paced let’spour our paste in the baking dish rightnow let’s bake this pie we are waitingfor 50 minutes right now our Christmaspie is ready and please subscribe to ourchannel watch our new video and have anice day see you bye bye

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