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How To Make The Softest Sugar Cookies For Christmas!

How To Make The Softest Sugar Cookies For Christmas! easy sugar cookie recipe!

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softest cookie details
I did forget to say sugar but I do include measurements and ingredients throughout video.
Make sure the dough is thick when using cut outs! This makes the cookies soft.
Also preheat oven to 350 and bake for 8 mins.
Far as decorating…I should of done it like I did when I was younger
-food coloring and dough to add personality.
These turned out delicious however I have NEVER liked sugar cookies. It doesn’t mean they weren’t good.

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“aw how sweet! Trinity made these special for us because we know she doesn’t like sugar cookies”

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Video Transcription

oh okay so even better than that was ababywhat’s up J team welcome back to mychannel if you would like to join thej-team all you have to do is click overout of 19,000 of you voted for holidaycooking video so today we’re gonna bemaking some delicious soft chewy keyword soft chewy Christmas cookies ifit’s not soft and chewy it’s just notgonna worklisten up listen up I am NOT a bakerokay I know how to cook it you know dowhat your mama can’t do I just don’treally like baking everyone knows thatbaking requires a whole lot of precisemeasurements and I don’t really measurewhen I cook so um hopefully of thisvideos on a family’s going up anywayyou’re gonna need some butter make sureit is softened some people make sugarcookies Christmas cookies with margarineI would not recommend that I think youshould use butter vanilla extract youare gonna need baking powder becauseyou’re gonna be baking salt definitelyneeds saltof course you’re gonna need some flourtwo eggs and I haven’t juggled into meyou know I don’t think I’ve juggled atall since I’ve been pregnant yeahyeah-hoo-hoo do you know that’s pregnantin the kitchen juggling some eggs youare gonna need some icing now if youdon’t want to decorate then you’ll haveto but this is a very great way to spendquality time with the people you lovethat’s what I did with my family aroundthe holidays you know I’m kind ofthinking oh yeah we we hadhaving done that in a minute um they’llcome a lovely uh Wow I need to call mymom and figure out uh you knowyou have reached the voice mailbox ofI’ve never felt like I was sold I meanmaybe it’s just the hormones but I don’tknow how my mom is right now firstthings first you want to make sure tohave a bowl this is the bowl that we’regonna put our dry ingredients in andthen we’re going to put it in anotherBowl so you want to separate the dryingredients from the wet ingredients orflour you want to make sure to do 3 cups3 and 3/4 cups of flour 2 3 and now 3/43/4 go my mesh I mash now you want totake 1 tablespoon actually 1 teaspoon ofbaking powder baking powder next we’regonna add in the salt 1/2 teaspoon onceyou have the dry ingredients in the bowlyou are going to mix it very well andwe’re going to sift it into another Bowl50 allows for your cakes and cookies tocome out more fluffy more Airy if thatmakes any sense at allit is a tedious process there is a toolthat works better but we don’t getthrough this baking takes patience thisright here you can obviously tell thatthis has been sifted over here it seemsvery clumpy so that’s the differencebetween the two it is important to siftyour dry ingredients Wynn baking[Music]all right want to put your dryingredients off to the side and nowwe’re going to start on our wetingredients add in your butter softenedbutter 1 and 1/2 cup of white sugar ohmy gosh I have a problem guys y’all I’mmissing a little bit of sugar but I dohave some more I just at the lightingbecause I want to try to really see thetrue color this is raw cane sugar thisis white sugar I don’t know if it’sgonna make a big difference but I onlyneed a little bit so we’re just gonnatrust in God on this one it’s time forthe fun part we’re gonna go ahead andgive this a mixtrying to scrape this ball a little bitbecause make sure all of this is gettingmixed[Music][Music]give a good old shake one[Music]I’m going to pour in the dry ingredientsand now it’s time to get this thinggoing it’s time to turn it into dough sojust watch me work[Music][Music]as you can see this is going to takesome workoh no looting some do people unfoldingit until you don’t see any more flourmake sure you scrape the sides oh here’smy dough it’s all nice and done I’mgoing to put it on some saran wrap wrapit tightly and let it chill for twohours this is extremely important itdoes look like a my mama meeting allright and now just gonna wrap it I’mseeing everything today it’s been twohoursand now it is time to take out the doughit’s time to roll this baby out it istime for the fun part I think I’ve saidtime for the fun part like a lot oftimes like this video but making cookiesis fun my counter is clean wipe downthis is how I believe it should be doneif you have a big enough pin whatever toroll out your cookies and so be it I donot gonna put a little bit of flour downbecause I don’t know how sticky thisdough is gonna be I don’t want it to bestickya little bit more flour whoa wait nookay oh wow maybe I should take maybe Ishould use more dough I’m gonna takehalf now okay third time third time’s acharmokay you know what maybe I should use mywooden roller I don’t know what thatmakes a differencemaybe ah yes a wooden roller wow thisworks way better who knew who knew likeit’s the small things I’m learningsomething today uh-huh I am learning issomething like I all right time to trythis again gingerbread oh okaywiggle wiggle wiggleokay okay all rightI did hear that it was better to makesure that the dough was thick when cutcutting them you don’t want them to betoo thin so I am taking that advice andhopefully it works out by the way I didcall my dad a call my dad and it waslike yeah we should definitely makeChristmas cookies like we used to do ifyou’re missing some of the all thingsyou used to do because you’re just youjust got a lot of stuff going onsometimes it’s good just to call yourfolks to me like hey I really enjoydoing this which all we should do itagain and it’s no problem communicateafter you get done with this part youshould just pull it up gently you shouldjust come up nicely and only leave thecutoutsokay if something doesn’t come outperfect I’m gonna use a spatula to pickthese up because I think it’s just thebest thing to do Oh like I said itdoesn’t have to be perfect okay[Music]this is how I mean I’m gonna put them onhere because I don’t know how muchthey’re gonna expand so I’m gonna goahead and pop these in the oven Alexa isgonna help me Alexa set eight minutetimer girl I did not say one minute seteight minute timer[Music]days here and now so for you to makesome cookies okay so you already knowwhat to do o Christmas tree o Christmastree how lovely are your brandy oh thisain’t a mistletoe it’s a reindeer you ohit is Wow baby how’d you get back Ididn’t even see that I just seen it froman angle I’m gonna take a piece and seewhat your cookie dough Taylor okay yeahtell me yeahwhy is Ethan a big piece of it mmmtastes good okay thank you ain’t evengot the icing on there yet no I don’tlike cookie dough well raw cookie dough[Music]take them out they are gonna look kindof pale but don’t worry they’re cookedafter you take them out the oven they’regoing to cook for a little bit longer sothat’s why you want to take them outwhen they start to not look wet becauseyou don’t want them to get burnt okayonce you take one out you put one inthis is how I’m doing it they only cookfor like eight minutes now it’s time todecorate it’s been a long night here I’mdoing white a white Christmas tree awhite oneokay oh okayso now I got to start over[Music][Music][Music]I remember when I made Christmas cookieswith my family we actually put foodcoloring in the dough and then tuck andthen stuck them on the cookies and bakethem that’s what I should’ve did thedecorating was a fail and I think it’sbecause of the icingI should have do that old-school how myparents used to do it I should have didit with just putting the food coloringin the dough and you know forming theeyes and all the cute decorations butthat’s not what type of party this wasokay the title of this video is not howto decorate Christmas cookies is how tomake Christmas nice and Julie it isactually – these are crunchy these areactually chewy bay lights the cookiesthat’s all that matters to me okay Ihope you guys enjoyed this video if youdid of course give me a like I’m not sogo ahead and get out of here because I’mpregnant I’m tired big shout out to thej-team if you want to tell her like thisshe just got a clean subscribe turnaround oh the kitchen Bell and let meknow below and that’s it y’all makes youfeel all brave and beautiful and MerryChristmas you filthy

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