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Video Transcription

what’s up guys and welcome back to
another completely chaotic video we are
going to Walmart to get stuff for
cupcakes so stay tuned
it’s my dark but just kinda let you guys
know that I was filming this from below
my face the whole time in Walmart
because I was very embarrassed because
there was a lot of people at Walmart at
10 o’clock getting up there to see a
whole lot of double chin and a good
angles I’m sorry
what kind of cupcakes you want mama
however I look like this oh yeah I hate
chocolate $1 yeah I like it
no oh that for me
this thing was open Walmart I’m feeling
like this cuz there’s people all over
this Walmart so you get to look at my
double chin we are about to go to Taco
Bell up to this yeah I don’t know why
I’m getting so high over all the way so
I see and I’m really buying this bag
Aikido Club cuz I really wanted I got
the variety pack of Cheetos with the
puffs in it but there it only came
before bags of puffs so it keeps me now
I’m here
self-checkout is for bad kids and their
parents we’re back in Walmart round two
because we forgot a bowl so I don’t even
know where that’s gonna be we’re gonna
go find a bowl I want to get a real bow
cuz I’m not coming back here every time
I need to mix Gang Gang go blah
the amount of people that have said Gang
Gang in the past two weeks two weeks in
the past two days it amazes me I haven’t
heard that phrase since high school in
my junior year it’s been three years
people since I’ve heard somebody say
Gang Gang and I’ve heard it more times
in the past two days then I have when it
was a popular word also they were
playing um never have I ever and
trampling each other at band camp the
other day and I really thought that
somebody was gonna die over never have I
we aren’t shifts in these teeth we just
cook to eat one time my mom was making
Rani’s she opened the bag put the stuff
in there blended it up to the taste of
it she gonna bust on the counter
apparently I suppose okay so that’s
pretty shot right we’re gonna thank you
guys so much for watching if you enjoyed
this video please give it a thumbs up
comment down below what you want to see
for me please comment share and
subscribe I really enjoy to have more
friends and family watching these videos
and I’m putting up for you guys I’ll see
you next week that was quite big I do
say so myself

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