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I had so much fun doing this video!
They all turned out so amazing

If you guys decide to make these tag me in a photo I’d love to see you recreate these waffles

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Video Transcription

hey guys what’s going on welcome back to
my channel it’s Devin Kelsey here back
at it again with another video I’m super
excited about today’s video as you can
see I have a bunch of goodies in front
of me and we have some waffle mix we
have Oreos we have bananas we have M&Ms
chocolate I bought some Aero bars
I bought a bueno bar
Hershey’s cookies and cream and we have
chocolate syrup we have peanut butter
and then down here I have strawberries
and blueberries and then in the fridge I
have some vanilla ice cream so today we
are going to be doing desserts with
waffles so I’m super excited we’re gonna
do like probably three or four different
kinds so I’m super excited so yeah I’m
just gonna get started to make up the
waffle mix really quick and then yeah
we’re just gonna get into decorating
them and eating them so yeah let’s get
right into here good yeah seriously they
are so beautiful
so it really we want to make some
waffles so yeah
I’m just gonna speed through this quick
and then once I’m ready to put the
waffles inside my waffle maker then I
will be back so I am just patiently
waiting to eat up and then once it is
all heated up and ready to ready to go
then we’re just gonna whip up some
waffles I’m probably just gonna kind of
whip them up as quick as I can only
because it’s pretty simple I’m literally
just putting the batter
the batter in the waffle maker and then
it cooks but I also kind of feel like I
want to give them time to cool down a
little bit before I start to decorate
them so yeah let’s just start with
okay guys my waffles are done so I
started making them and usually when I
make them like I don’t let them get
super like hard and crisp like this
and then I’m like they’re probably not
gonna hold up – oh is the ice cream and
stuff like that so these four here are
kind of like just a waste but I have six
here that I think are gonna go really
well with what I’m gonna be doing today
so it’s so cute so I think I’m gonna
start off with that one when I’m
thinking for this one is I’m gonna do
kind of like an Oreo thank you for this
one is I want to put chocolate syrup on
it I melted up some of the white
chocolate chips in a bowl and I want to
drizzle some of them the white chocolate
on it
and then I want to kind of finely grate
up some of the cookies and cream
Hershey’s and I’m going to crush up some
Oreos and Torrio’s on it so let’s just
get right started so I think if you want
to start with well I’m gonna start by
pushing up the Oreos in the chocolate
first and then we decide how I want to
kind of like okay
it is lightning yo and it is super scary
so if I keep looking up here really
quickly for whatever reason it’s cuz I
keep seeing huge flashes of light all
right so I’m gonna crush these up just
kind of in little pieces oh my god now
starting with thunder right just great
okay that’s probably good and then I’m
going to crush up a couple pieces of
chocolate helps me anything it’s really
warm in here
I’m so excited oh my gosh okay okay so I
think what I want to do is I want to
drizzle some white chocolate so we’re
gonna do that first
this is gonna be so sweet oh my gosh
okay and then we’re gonna drizzle some
of this chocolate
there we go man just
your nose so much
boom and there she is oh my gosh you
guys look so good and tasty like what
I’m gonna be making these like every
freaking day okay now to try it I
already know it’s gonna be so sweet oh
my gosh okay here we go
that is so good oh my gosh
I’m sitting here debating if I should go
in for the second bite or not oh my gosh
you guys need to make this you need to
oh my gosh I’m going in for a third
freaking bite
I am so excited for this video oh my
gosh okay we’re moving on to the next
I need like a napkin or something oh my
gosh I am
that was so good oh my gosh I cannot
believe how amazing that was whoa okay
so for the next one
um I’m kind of gonna do more of a fruity
one with banana as a melted peanut
butter on it so let’s grab our next
waffle there we go okay and then um
we’re gonna go over banana
oh my gosh there we go
okay so we’re just gonna okay I’m just
gonna start building this one because I
think that’s the easiest way to do it so
I’m gonna start by layering some of the
banana on there like that okay and then
I think I’m gonna do some strawberries
on this one choose so I’m gonna drop oh
heck might as well do blueberries too
might as well just make this from the
fruit one and now we’re saving my
favorite for last blueberries
well what I’m hoping my favorite is
gonna be I have I should’ve never tried
it okay and then we’re gonna cut up the
strawberries just to cut back slices
oh my god
this looks amazing okay I’ll be right
back I’m just gonna go melt up some
peanut butter and then we’re gonna
drizzle out on top and then we’re gonna
give it a try peanut butter is done okay
so many dishes after I hate myself for
doing this okay
oh my god melted me but it looks so good
okay so we’re just gonna drizzle that
all on top oh my gosh I am so excited I
love peanut butter so I am not holding
my god you guys okay now for the taste
test I can’t even pick this one up oh my
gosh okay okay
usually I don’t like things on my
waffles they usually just like them
breathe plane but this is so good
I literally have all over my face
so sorry I don’t care this is so good
oh my gosh
you guys
that is amazing
absolutely amazing I don’t think I can
take another bite though because the
last one it’s probably the biggest one
and that one’s gonna be a mess so I feel
like if I’m gonna eat one of all of them
it’s gonna be that one so you’re gonna
set this one aside I’m gonna let
Terrence try it because it is so good
and since it’s pouring he’s probably
gonna be home any time now so yeah okay
so the next one grab these two because
for this one I’m gonna need two of them
and I’m gonna need to go to my freezer
and yet
specifically for this video I went and
bought ice cream only because I thought
I’ll just felt like vanilla ice cream
was the perfect combo with um what I’m
doing and I guess I should tell you guys
what I’m doing I am making an ice cream
sandwich with waffles I’ve seen so many
pictures of it but I have never actually
tried one so I’m super excited to give
it a shot so let’s grab some ice cream
and we are gonna put it on the one side
I kept it in the freezer because I
figured I’d probably be sitting here
talking about it and playing around with
it for a little while so I didn’t want
it to already be melted okay that’s
probably good I don’t want like a huge
amount of ice cream because I know about
you but I cannot bite onto a piece of
ice cream okay
so I totally forgot I had sprinkles
which I wanted to incorporate into this
dish somehow so um that peanut butter
was delicious so I think I’m gonna add a
bit of that peanut butter on top of the
ice cream so we’re gonna start by doing
and I’m gonna put a bit on this side too
to kind of
there’s a and then I wanted to add some
of the M&Ms
it’ll just hear that ring it’s a bullet
but oh my gosh okay got those open so I
think I’m gonna what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna close up my ice cream okay and
then I am going to grab the M&Ms just
kind of put some on the cutting board
and I’m gonna sprinkle some around the
edges starting to melt very quickly okay
oh my god they literally just keep
falling in as I keep putting them okay
whatever scrit I’m going to sprinkles
okay here we go
so you may see
can you guys hear that out there I’m
sure you can it’s insane
the sound is probably not going to be
good in this video now because it’s
literally pouring rain outside so I’m
just gonna do my best to try and finish
this video but here it is guys oh my
gosh I have to get a closer look at this
ready here we go
um okay I really liked it at first I
think it’s true that was just tasty ice
but then afterwards as soon as I
actually but like taste the Belgian
waffle it’s not as good I don’t know
keep sitting here India saying I don’t
like it but it’s not that you don’t like
it I just definitely liked the other
ones a lot better and I thought I was
gonna like this one more which is okay
I don’t want to waste it though oh my
gosh okay guys I think I’m gonna end
this video here my kitchen table is now
a complete mess I have so many dishes to
do but I hope you guys enjoyed this
video thank you so much for watching and
I will talk to you guys in the next
video peace

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