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How to Make Sugar Free Keto Sugar Cookies: Nut Free, Low Carb, Gluten Free

Super delicious nut free, keto recipe for Sugar Free Sugar Cookies!
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Video Transcription

haier one today I’m going to show youhow to make keto sugarless sugar cookiesthat are also not free these arefabulous to make with your family thisholiday season I know you’re gonna lovethem so let’s get started okay everyoneto start you want to line four bakingsheets with parchment paper and set youroven for 350 degreesnow today for our video I’m just doinghalf the recipe which makes 24 cookiesbut for the full recipe in my cookbookyou need the four baking sheets so thatthey can spread out and you’ll make 48cookies but like I said today we’re justdoing 24 so it’d be two baking sheetsand we’re gonna start with the standmixer you’re going to start with a stickof softened butter into the mixer[Music]and to that you’re going to add yoursweet sweetener I’m using swervegranular but you can use confectioner’sor monk fruit sweetener if you like andalso some vanilla extract and we’re justgoing to blend that up with the paddleattachment on low speedand then lower the speed and add one eggat a time until combinedwe’re gonna set that aside and we’regonna start working on our dryingredientsokay everyone to a large mixing bowlyou’re going to add your sesame flouryour coconut flour you are going to addyou can choose to use either gelatin orxanthan gumI find that gelatin works really nicelyto get a nice crisp cookie if youhaven’t tried it you definitely shouldbut you can use anthem’ gum which isfine we are also going to add bakingsoda and baking powder and salt and thenjust whisk this up and then we’re goingto add it slowly into the wetingredients[Music]turn it on low just add a half at a timeand you may need to scrape down thesides of the bowl before repeating thesecond batch job will do no luckscrape around to get to the bottom andthe sides and then add the remaining dryingredients[Music]all right so once your dough is acompletely combined you want to take ifyou’re making the whole recipe from thecookbook you want to take half the doughand put it in a bowl and cover it withsome saran wrap and put it in the fridgeuntil you’re done with the first batchyou just want to have it nice and coldwhen you work with it and then you’regonna put it on a piece of parchment soI have one like I said one half of thedough and if I was making the wholerecipe we’d have one half in the fridgeokay so next you want to just grabanother piece of parchment and justflatten down the dough it’s really easyto work with and then you got to get therolling pin out so I kind of just pulledit with my belly and roll it out so youwant to roll this out to about a quarterinch in thickness and like I said withthis dough I will be able to get 24cookiesokay so if you think it’s about aquarter inch in thickness it’s time tostart cutting them into little cuteshapes and if my kids were here theywould go crazy with the shapes but I’vegot a gingerbread and a little candycane and a little snowflake and a treethat’s all I have today because I don’thave my kids with me and so what I do isI use a nice spatula to kind of move thedough around the edges off the thecookie shape and I take it like thatmm-hmm and then I just slide it on thereyou gothat’s one we’ve got 24 more to go[Music]okay so I have 12 cookies on this bakingsheet and I’ll have another 12 onanother baking sheet and we’re going tobake this for 10 minutes or just untilthe edges look a little bit brownedall right everyone my cookies have bakedand cooled completely and now it’s timefor the icing and the sprinklesespecially if you have kids and you wantto have them help this is a great timeto do that I use swerve confectioner’sbecause I think it’s the best and it’sthe smoothest when you’re making icingand you will in the recipe you can do itthree ways you can have three colors Imean and so I have a quarter cup in twobowls and I’m just making two colorstoday and all you do is add a tablespoonof water to the swerve and then you addfood coloring of choice and we’re justgoing to do some red and green and allyou’ll need to do is stir it up and thenwe’re going to dip the cookies rightinto the mixtureokay so yeah it looks a little pink youcan go a little bit more and get youknow your red color but I like pink soI’m gonna go with pink we’re gonna makea pink star and you’re gonna just takeit very carefully because there’s thinand you are gonna get your fingers dirtydon’t worry about it and you just kindof wiggle it in there so what if it getson the bottom it really doesn’t matterand then you can even smooth it a littlebit if it looks like it’s a littleclumpy some green let’s make a candycane and then you can add some sprinklesmy kids will go crazy with these I knowthat there are sugar free sprinkles thatyou can find online these aren’t butthere’s a fruit that’s very little onthe cookie but they are still sugarlesssugar cookies and you can choose not toeven how many sprinkles if you like atleast the icing is also sugar-free nowwe’re gonna finish decorating the restof these alright so there you have itthis is how we make sugar free keto nutfree sugar cookies and you can see someof these look interesting my childrenmade them I won’t say anymore but I hopeyou enjoyed making these sugar cookieswith your own kids join me next time formore keto friendly family-friendlyrecipesyouyou

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