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Making cookies 🐾😊😊

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music][Music]along[Music][Music][Music]we ain’t washing his hands right now andwhile I am exhaustedthen I am going to quit til next cookiedown[Music]okay go ahead am still not back I’m atany time I’m gonna eat if I make it intoa little ballbut not down people leave a note so Ithink I’m doing it so far so good guysokay so once you have your ball you needto place it two inches apart so let’smeasure two inches that’s going to beright here all right and now from therewe’re gonna count to it just let’s justsay no me oh you say do you want to trywe’ll try making cookies okay guys we’vegot a volunteerher name is baby face she’s my sister soactually no problemyeah hopefully she knows already[Music]yeah we just put them in the line likeyes but not too close so a little bitmore down because they’re gonna spreadfurther lower and it’s gonna open up somake sure thatall right who’s ready at 350 so we cango ahead and put the police insidewhen you kids like the chocolate melt itgets hot amazing alright and you’regonna roll it into a ball like thisthank actually this is pretty goodthoughfaceball all right here you go in therole to how Liam’s rolling look at meokay so you’re gonna do it – it’s acookie and you can’t eat itgood job I’m gonna make more hey you caneat that one that’s rightyou do chocolate[Music]good no thank youyou like watching in space so cross yourfingers that it won’t turn into a bighumungous yeah one light and subscribelet’s do this part subscribers10 likes because I don’t get that muchlike[Music][Music][Music]

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