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Making cookies with my mom part 2

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Video Transcription

sorry about that guys the video and thisis going to be probably part twookay not important anymore let’s justmix in moisture and just[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah you get oldchocolate chips if you have from now onthen you can pour all over but if youhave that much just for that much[Music][Music]so now you want to pour in all of yourM&Ms like that let me put it put it in alot to make a lot of cookies good[Music]and then we just we’re gonna take aspoon and you can make them bigger orsmaller up to you guyshowever you want I’m just going toscrape this off enjoying that this outthat’s just our dishwasher noisy yeah alot of time really quiet to eat tendersoft chocolate chip cookie yes and I useparchment paper so that the cookies[Music]probably like after lunch and cookiesyeah that’s our baby husband I love yourdirty so guys like that so yeah sorrythat was just our brother – whounderneath you that was all right andyes guys yes so yeah stay safe guys andwe’re gonna put this on youtube and yeahbye guys

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