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How to Make (Flourless!) Chocolate Chip Cookies | Bake #WithMe | NYT Cooking

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Join NYT Cooking video producer Vaughn Vreeland (and world’s best grandma Nannie) as they phone a very special friend — Erin Jeanne McDowell! Erin developed a gluten-free version of the Times’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, which is perfect if you, like Vaughn, can’t find all-purpose flour at the store.

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All the food that’s fit to eat (yes, it’s an official New York Times production).

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Video Transcription

now nanny this cookie is gluten-free heyguys I’m blonde I got a problem I wasn’table to find regular flour at the storeand I really want to make chocolate chipcookies my body is like 97% cookie bythis point I figured I would call mygood friend and pastry chefextraordinaire Erin Jean mcdowell she isa queen in every sense of the word she’sreally been a go-to for me for like whatcan I substitute where Erin was able totake the iconic New York Times chocolatechip cookie and make it more accessiblefor people which is great let’s get onthe phone and call Erin and get bacon[Music]mom’s a proud Gryffindor it’s very cutehi how are you I’m so good how are youI’m feeling particularly good today cuzI’m not wearing pajamas this was reallythe first time I’ve ever been asked todevelop a recipe based on somebodyelse’s recipe so the real challenge wastrying to make sure that these stood upto the main thing this one was a doozyif I started out with something likeeight different flours we’re talkingabout many dozens of cookies walkingdown the street like tossing cookies inthe air like I can definitely attestthat you do not have to be gluten freeto appreciate these cookies but if youare gluten free you’re going toappreciate them even more because youcan’t just run to the store and grab achocolate chip cookie as easily and forme the number one thing about almondflour is it’s the easiest to find a lotof alternative flowers because if youcan’t find it in the store you can makeit yourself with almonds you wouldn’tnecessarily know that it had not withoutme telling you I was constantlysurprised because all the taste testersliked it the best of some that I gavethem so then I was like okay we’re ontosomethingand truly I like it this way because itfeels like the exciting days of radio Ican’t see what’s going on down below ohthat isn’t what I meant by down below Ijust meant the goal is your butter atroom temperature Ohbased on your dewy skin I assume it isroom temperature because very warm welland I wanted to give one little tidbitfor people who always forget to softenthe butter I put the whole stick intothe microwave still in its wrapper youmicrowave it for 10 seconds and then yourotate it on the other side and do 5 to10 seconds more and it’ll be perfectlyroom temp Oh chefs kiss great creamy Iusually start at a lower speed just tokind of get things combined buteventually you’re gonna want to raise itup to more of a medium speed to reallyget that aeration when my husband and Imoved in together that’s how we knew wewere meant to be together because wehave the same color stand mixer that’sreally yes I think it looks greatand we’re already halfway home friendsWow this is wild I mean this recipecomes together and be quickly as a goodchocolate chip cookie recipe shapebecause we want to get from zero tocookie like as quickly amendo you have your chocolate like allready to go I got chopped that is a goodquestion and no I started to take it outof the foil and as you can see I notmade it yeah when I call her chocolatebelt they can use chocolate chips andthe answer is you usually can usechocolate chips almost anywhere thatchopped chocolate is called for the maindifference is that chocolate chips havethese stabilizers in them that will helpthem keep their chip shape after bakingthe main reason that I think choppedchocolate is the best is that you getthese uneven chocolate hockit kind of also makes for a crag layercookie which is kind of for me one ofthe more desirable traits ofchocolate-chip cookies in particularvisible puddles of chocolate on thesurface of the cookie and on the insidepuddles of chocolate Wow my band’s namehi sweet boy he’s like you woke me upfrom a nap whatever oh yeah there was goahead and put the dry ingredients in andmix them until they’re combined if youhave like a clean kitchen towel aroundwhen you go to turn on the mixer you candrape it over the mixer instead of goingall over your counter and all over themixer it’ll kind of get trapped and goright back into the bowl kitchen towelwith macarons on it you oh anotherappropriate treat if you can’t findflour because guess what they’re madewith almond flour you just go ahead andadd your chocolate and mix it until it’syou know uniformly combined as well andthen we ready to scoop scoop show memine that’s the one yep and then that’sexactly what I do I scrape it along theedge but I also don’t care if there’ssome little like nubbins around the edgeyeah like that because I think that thatmakes again for craggly cookies daviddescribes it as the size of generousgolf balls because they are they’re likeit’s a racquetball that’s how I Drive itgenerous golf ball is also a good bandname very good I found that giving thesecookies a little bit of a help so thatthey don’t stay mounded it just helpsthem spread a little more uniformly justpressing them down snitch they lookalmost like little hamburger pattiesokay that should be exactly what theylook like yes just like thatI can’t remember when it was originallypublished but it’s definitely one of theearlier recipes that had you know such agenerous quantity of the flaky salt andthat’s another great reason to leave thechocolate in bigger pieces becausethere’s nothing like a pool of meltychocolate that is nicely saltedOh[Music]the tiny spatula it decided to surpriseyouthey’ve been in for 20 minutes ohthey’re beautifulI’m so excited they look big andgorgeous cuz I was gonna get jealous ifyou were making it I was gonna getjealousthe sad part how long do we have to waitfor them at school well that completelydepends if you’re fine eating the woodenboom you can start right now alreadythey’re so good right this is so goodManny Manny I’ve got my friend Aaronhere and we just it was like actually alot of fun to bake like like bake quasibake metaphysically bake maybe Julie thething that like makes me a littleemotional almost daily is that in thistime when I can’t really see people andthey’re making my recipes and then Ifeel like I am in their kitchen like Ido feel like I was in your kitchen withyou and I mean I was because I was in alittle box a warm cookie is as close aswe can get to a virtual hug right now soone more cookie Cheersthe nanny is the frontman she’s the bandmanager she was designing the t-shirtsshe’s supplying the after-partyyou

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