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Making Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ~YUM!

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Video Transcription

hello my name is Jack today we’re making[Music]oatmeal raisin cookies all right we’regonna start we’re gonna be making softand chewy oatmeal raisin cookies ourfirst ingredient is i’m faulted butterthis one right here hold on don’t put itin yet then we have some brown sugar andsome regular white sugar some eggs fromthe chickens in the backyard we’re gonnabe using some pure vanilla extract we itcalls for molasses the recipe does butwe don’t have any so we’re gonna beusing maple syrup instead and then we’regonna use regular all-purpose flour wehave a mixture of baking soda cinnamonand salt we’re gonna use old-fashionedoats and then raisinsyummy yummy first things first we needto preheat the oven to 350 degrees Jackdo you remember how to turn the oven onkind of kind of okay let’s go turn theoven on nope you know alright whatbutton do we push first the oven not themicrowave never we do baked pinkokay so push the big button not brothat’s broiled nope it canceled off bakebak e and 350 so we’re going to hitstart yep start oh gotta push it so youhear it there you go all rightthe oven is started 350 degrees nextwe’re going to using a hand mixer what’sa hand mixer Jack oh we don’t we need towait we need to get our butter in firstso we need a cup of butter but that istwo things the butter what do you thinkthat means is it – half – half alrightso go ahead and put both halves ofbutter in the big bowlvery Gary you just let me show you atrick okay put it in there so a goodtrick is to unwrap it and then you don’tneed to touch it if you hold it here andthen you can just unpeel it right intothe bowlokay if you want to go wash your handsall right butters in the bowl we’regonna add our brown sugar and we’regonna add our regular granulated sugarall of it pretty cool now we’re going totake the hand mixer I’ll get it startedjumps it might be a little hard to startwith because the butter is just at roomtemperature[Music]alright go ahead and turn that off jackhey him set it right there now the nextthing we’re going to do is we’re goingto add in our vanilla and eggs and let’ssee we’re gonna do the eggs first so weneed to add two eggs let’s crack theminto here crack it on the side and splitit open try not to get any shell inthere there you go alright let’s do thesecond egg oh did you get anyone yeahokay let’s wash your hands okay watchyour hands ready there you go a littlebit of soap I’ll make it warmall right here to dry out yep okaythere’s a towel for you all right let’sget back over to our bacon baking notbacon all right go ahead and dump yourtwo eggs in there OOP all right turnyour mixer back on and let’s mix thoseeggs in one make it on to there you gomix them all up very goodalright alright now we’re gonna add onetablespoon of vanilla that’s a whole lotall right there you go dump it in thenwe need one tablespoon of maple syrupthat’s the big one again you should beusing molasses but we don’t have any sowe’re substituting for maple syrup veryhard for kids like me there you go okayalright go ahead and mix that up Jackyep it says to mix on rye until wellcombined[Applause]alright go ahead and turn it off that’sall mixed up now we’re gonna leave thatthere for just a sec and we’re gonnaswitch over to our dry ingredients weare gonna need our whisk hey we haveflour right here and we are going to addour cinnamon baking powder or bakingsoda sorryand salt add it to the flour jack andthen whisk it together with the whisk tomake sure it’s all combined good jobbuddyalright now you want to switch back overto the hand mixer turn it on to oneokay I’m gonna add a little bit of thedry ingredients at a time okay there’s afew mixing[Music]turn it up to two now hold it right herefor a second just hold it there I’mgonna add a little bit more flour allright mix that inand continue adding flour to yourmixture until it’s all combinednow that our flour mixture and our sugarand egg and butter mixture are combinedwe’re going to add this part what isthis part Jack oh oh do you think it isoats all right go ahead and dump thatinto the bowl and we’re going to mix itup it might be a little hard for yourmuscles there bud you have a bunch ofmuscles a good amount of muscles becausethey’ll walk hereit’s oh okaymake sure when you’re mixing you scrapethe bottom of the bowl too to get all ofthose tasty goodies in there all rightnext we’re gonna add in our raisins Ohsome left in the bottom alright keepmixing yep put those back in alrightkeep mixing that’s right those ones aregood for dogsno not generally raisins are not goodfor dogs no not reallywell you need be careful all right we’regonna get that all mixed up okay now ourbatter is all mixed up and we’re goingto start adding it to our cookie sheetmake good dots we can’t have them tooclose together so they don’t run intoeach other right so do another one rightherethat looks good a little too far apartthere you goI’m gonna do one right here there you goso far so far yeah it looks like atriangle because top triangles have howmany corners yeah let’s do another oneright here you need a little bit morethan that yep that’s a good amount allright we’ll do another one right herethat looks good one more right there ohyou mean more than that on there that’llbe a tiny baby cookie those big kids andgrownupsare you a big kid and grown up yeah okaywe’re gonna do two more on this tray oneright here and one right here me morethan that a little bit bigger there yougo no not right in the corner this oneright here boom all right we’re gonnaput our bowlspoons back in the bowl and I want youto can you Ohgo wash your hands you can’t lick yourfingers all right Jack now we’re gonnabake our cookies so let’s go Pat theoven boom all right grab your tray andvery carefully because this is hot slideit in on the top shelfdon’t touch the metal part now you wantto make sure that you have it centeredin the oven so it bakes even close it upand we’re gonna bake for 15 minutesoh not 30 minutes that went fastgolet’s see it’s turn on our light alrightcook cookies alright we’re about fiveminutes in let’s take a peek they’reflattening out yippee alright cookiesare all done jack you want to grab onecookie test it out how’s it tastehmm is it good yeah worth making againyeah yeah easy cookie recipe all rightToby ready bye-bye

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