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Making cookies 🍪 with me 😁

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]today I’m gonna be making cookies rightnow so I already got in place I gotthree six weight welcome at 9:12 I’vetalked with you and I have the ovenpreheated to 300 but now I’m just gonnawait for it now gives about batteriesI’ll put this is that does it walk backokay thumbs up witness and inside ofhereit’s up back in the freezer I’m gonnaput the cookiessausages me and my brotherI make cookies plenty of times but ittakes 25 minutes to cook soso I got the timeso I got some stuff for 25 minutes I’mgonna get back with y’all cuz the videowill be extra on your budget stick Liamback with y’all when the cookies aredone I guess[Music][Music][Music]it’s downsince wellcome back yeah when I have milk I’m backand I have my cookies talking about milkso yeah he must have the wrong house Ididn’t have to go home today so I haveBastille Hadley some worksheets I havethe work every day is that fun on theweekendyouthe guys that’s the end of my video damncookies were very good and see you nextvideo

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