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Making Cookies 🍪 with a Twist 🤯

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to another video on cookingwith singing and in today’s video wewill be making cookies with a twistyes with a twist so I have the recipehair on my phone and what we neededflour baking soda salt butter sugarbrown and white vanilla extract egg andchocolate chips which is optional and Idon’t have so let’s get right into it sofirst we’re gonna make make or joyingredients we’re gonna need one and aquarter cup of flour yes get your flourmeasure it out one and a quarter cup offlour and then we move on to a quarterteaspoon of baking sodapoop yep let’s gather it in there andthey will move on to a also a quarterteaspoon of saltyes get a salt in therelet’s get our salt in there okay soafter we have got this out we’re gonnakeep that quick store up store up storeup whip it whip and let up five on thisside so now we move onto all wetingredients first we need to measure ona half a cup of brown sugar and aquarter cup of white sugar and then youmix that in let go mix that in lick somecinnamon sugar type thing you know thedeal you know the feeling you know thelook so okay so now that we’re mixingthe batter we are gonna add in amberbetter now we’re gonna add in the butterwe’re gonna need about what a half a cupof butter yes you add that butter inthere let that vibe make sure you levelout your butter that we don’t get toomuch butter in it and then when you turnit and make sure you pour on everybutton you know sometimes the buttergets stick to the become so you justscrape it up you could use a spoon forthis if you want I just choose to use myknife because it wasn’t don’t you knowno more dishes but yeah you can scrapeup all on the sides and what’s not andthen you get to the mixing so you mixthat bad boy upyou use your yeah until you get a nicecreamy looking but see oh you see howthat battle look that’s all the bettersupposed to look so now after you don’twhip up the butter and the sugar you’regonna addyour egg is cracked the egg mechon noshells get into though make sure youdon’t want to be eating no cookies andgot it into an egg shell that’s nastyso then after that you measure a quarterteaspoon of vanilla two teaspoons ofvanilla my correction and you just pourthat bad boy in and then you get to themixing you know what should the flick ofthe wristboom-boom-boom-boom soup soup soup soupsoup it so fast I do you know so thenafter we got to the mixer and here comesthe fun and enjoyable pad where we addmix in the flour piece-by-piece youdon’t want to add in the flour all atonce because they’re gonna call a bigmess that you won’t want to cleanafterwards so you add in the flour pieceby piece until all the flour is done andthen until you get a nice smooth thicktexture so you see how that is fallingfrom the mixer ooh it is nice it is niceso now we are gonna do a twist insteadof baking under in the other we aregonna be baking it on the stove yesthat’s right we’re baking it understoodwe are baking cookies on the stove guysthis is my first time trying this andall I can sayjust watch to the end because thecookies so when you’re baking on stoveyou want to get you a pot heat it up alittle bit and then melting a little bitof butter grease the pot you don’t haveto use butter you can use your Criscoyour Pam whatever you have at home youwhat other thing and then used to putyour cookies into the pot probably ahalf an inch apart you know for at thattime or however much you can handle at atime I put in two at a time because Ididn’t wanted to burn my cookies whichdid end up happening at the end soyou’re gonna cover over some for peopleto trap the heat in as usualI mean if you guys are chef of the youknow the five people trapped the heatsin and cook your food faster also bunsit so guys this is all the cookieslooking they’re looking so scrumptiousand so delicious not only to know thatwhen I flip them they were burnt yesguys they were burnt see burnt but Iguess my fire was too high so I didreduce the heat and when they werefinished the art came out awesome soguys this is the finished product thefinished product so yes I know they alla born don’t eat me for that guys don’teat me so that everybody got bornsomething in life but the did tastedelicious I did taste one off camera andit was awesome awesome so guys thank youfor tuning in to today’s video thank youfor watching try this recipe a whole newrecipe will be down below don’t forgetto Like comment share and subscribe andif you’re new head welcome to the familyhit that subscribe button leave acomment on whatever video you want me todo next and thank you for tuning in seeyou next week Wednesday for anotherbanger bye[Music]

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