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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ms Jan and special guest Adele M.

Ms Jan and granddaughter Adele show how to make her famous chocolate chip cookies!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi this is the loveliness gentleman fromSorrento Valley Children’s Center Imissed you guysso what I’m doing is I’m doing a cookingproject every Tuesday Thursday so youwon’t forget about meand what I did is last November mygranddaughter came to visit and she saidgrandma teach me how to make thosechocolate chip cookies so we did a videoit’s about 20 minutes I know you’regonna enjoy itwe’re both a hoot here are the cookiesthat you will be having if you followthe directions thank you for coming tomy kitchen thank you so much enjoy thevideoboo bye hichocolate chip cookies yeah okay sofirst you want to have softened butterbut is this soft yeah okay I don’t wantto sit around and wait for it to be softso what do we do but it is the microwaveI never tried them but my fingers arebored or angry because I just pushbutter and they’re so prettyokay here we go can’t get snacks whileyou eat cookies okay snacks why you’renot anymoreget cookies while you’re watching usmake it because you’re gonna get tiredof watching YouTube videos but you don’twant it all the way from the lower hereand smash the but are you I have a goodperson that sugarhere’s your I have the weirdest sisterthe world[Music]let’s do rim and all of my cups[Music]cracking nuts like a bad jokeyou gotta get that in a little pocketyou’re just doing the kid thing you knowthey turn it wash it turn it turn you’reso wrong okay turn it turn turn mushokay 3/4 of a cup of white sugar cookiesprotein cookieshey dick turn the judicial is usuallyfor protein cookies is just using it isI just wanted to make sure so you knowthis is gonna be a challengeI did do a little bit easier but okaybut if you said for the rest of theimage no that’s good okay now you’regonna put in two thingsoh yeahextra large cuz you’re gonna be hungrytoday a flick because I’m clumsywhat does extra-large have to do withcommunities these you’re gonna drop allthe eggs right not me – okay yeah – ifyou never lose don’t let her do I knowokay also make sure there’s no shell anddon’t break the yolk you can’t break meyou can breathe video you can break theyolk just breaking the yolk this okayI’m not sure making hey don’t break theup in your bikini X if you’re making funfacts but which of you umeverybody asks me hey everybody asks mewhat the secret is to my chocolate chipcookies that’s going to be on film firstoff let me get this filled no not whatI’m doing it if we were recalling thistable if we weren’t recording I put allthat in there but since people are gonnabe watching now that never happenedI’m I’m very cranky even though I don’tknow aboutyeah vanilla three teaspoons of nevernever in vanilla that was a call forokay listen never tasted vanilla likeit’s disgusting but it smells deliciousdon’t fall for it just like cinnamon ifhe’s disgusting but it smells amazing[Music]sure in here I’m gonna put it in you’rein for it get it closer than 103 stirthat upthis this looks like a yellow brain orlike a duck sprayed or something duckspring will bring cookies I never knewthat with you he’s / – yeahwe need three cups up no these arecheerful flower if you get everywherenot much sugar sugar delicious aw comeon in the olden days you wouldn’t gowash up okay three cups three cups it’sjust coffee 3 cups here’s the otherthing is magicis how to make more flour makes thembigger fluffier and yummy and then I amhere right whoopstry itsure yeah a teaspoon of saltexcuse me you forgot to wash the dishes[Music]right you spoon baking sodano you she’s a killershe literally talked I asked and shesaid yes okay nowokay little by little I’m going to putthis in here you stir this little bylittle that’s why it takes a little bitmore time you can’t dump it all in atonce this includes Perry kidsso get your parents and if you don’t doit I don’t mind I watch a bunch of DIYvideos and I and I never I sometimes doyes that’s unless it Clues like hot glueI don’t you need to watch the finalreason why nowsoon it’s gonna get tough oh so you wantto take over and you can put this in andoh yeah I’ll do the right dirt okay youdo it a little at a time if you dump itall in it’s not gonna work maybe justyou have to wait doing keep doing thisyou know you’re gonna do it more thanthat keep doing this until until it’sgone I’m waiting for you start andanymore you fold it in you you love yourdough it’s like taking your know takingyour dough on this date and being kindto it you know like your best friendyeah dough is your best friend forcookies keep going just keep on goinghow fast they’re gonna onion I need abreak here yeah more one more fold okaygo oh are you goingoh you’re gonna lose your chanceokay hey pour that in you’re gonna knowit’s done the end when you feel thedough like hard to say that it’s notsticky doesn’t stick to your fingersthat means it’s not done you going andyou shouldn’t eat the dough scepter eyesdeepen and that’s when people do thatwait for a cookie well if you’re justeating it yourself tonight as well butnot if you’re eating mine yeah but ifthis is just like for a whole like batchof people don’t you dare do itwe need the cookies so don’t eat thedough cookie it’s a lot peeve of mine ifyou come over and we try to eat my doughmamaunless almost it’s almost you’re notmaking cookies you just want the cookiedough it’s dope who cares okaykeep on going[Applause]people do this so then it’s really inscoop I’m feeling ityep okay no more no more no more okay wemight be good feel it a little bit verymany more and then we’re gonna put 4,000chips in okay what do you want don’tlisten to those your case the doughdoesn’t turn out you want to make sureput a lot of chips okay so there’s asmall don’t mess I just transfer thisover to here which I don’t usually dostart with a bigger bowl okay let mewash my hair then we’re gonna get intothe chips[Music]okay straight okay we’re only gonna putin some cuz we do some really white downthere we need some chips[Applause][Applause]now let me tell you you can make theseright away and they’re gonna be good butif you put this in the refrigerator fora while and let make them later theirhotel okay there you goand we’ll show you what they look likeafter we bake them now we’re gonna putthem in the fridge for a while the stickdoesn’t stick see yes okay thank you forcoming to grandma’s kitchenyou

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