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Making Sugar Cookies!!!

Hello beautiful children!!
Today we made sugar cookies!!!
What you will need is:
-3 1/2 Cup of flour
– 2 Eggs
-1 Tsp of Vanilla
-1 Cup of Soften Butter
-1 Cup of Sugar
Bake at 400 degrees for 8 minutes
We love making videos for you guys! As always if you do this at home email us videos or pictures. We love seeing you try our fun activities!!
See you soon!!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

another edition of kindergarten crewtoday we are going to be making cookiesso it’s so far I just mix this togetherbefore we went on hereI put wine cup of butter and one cup ofsugar into this bowl and I just havebeen stirring it up creaming it up alittle bit the next thing we’re going todo is we’re going to add the 2 eggs and1 teaspoon of vanilla nice not that onethis one’s cracker yeah that one’s cracksorry guys whynext we’re going to add the one teaspoonof vanilla where’s that spoon one momentguys so we’re gonna add one teaspoon ofvanilla huh once again okay we’re gonnaadd one teaspoon of vanilla all rightI’m gonna stir this up a little bit thenext thing I’m going to do is I’m goingto add the 2 teaspoons of baking powderand the last thing we gonna do is goingto add the three and a half cups offlour this is already measured out soI’m just going to add it in here I’mgoing to mix all of this together we’rejust checking out our water trusty toexist in dogs innards these are here toJordan us say hi guys we all wash theirhands before this will be be carefulwith the water okay okay tell my brotherto be carefulwhen was this tiny spoon it is tomeasure things with its half atablespoon want to push me mix it alittle better use your hands that’s coolyeah mommy yes I said it to make me fulldon’t push me down don’t push it downokay looks layered Oh ready see it seescatch kidding I’m just being sillyso we’re gonna roll this out and we’regonna put some cookie cutters this isvery nice very nice soft guys so we’regonna roll this out with a rolling pinscissors to stop so we’re gonna rollthis out a rolling pin[Music]we got some of this rolled out and maybeCaesar or Katie’s gonna help us put somecookie cutters on here or me she’ssitting you silly you’re almost donethree this paper has a face on it okayokay how about you come sit up here withme so we’re gonna have Caesar here put acookie cutter off it’s very softokay so you switch cook which one eitherthese two which one Oh bumpy okay okayI’m just gonna put the cookie cutteraround there well show you guys wentafter he’s done what it looks like I’vedone hard hard hard hardgood job okay no I’m such heat again andagain okay push push push push push okayyeah it’s gonna be thick okay you’reagainst ease okay I do all rightlet’s show the camera you know the topyou know top of that art is bumpy I knowbut it’s okay cuz guess what we’re gonnaeat them eat them right now yeah whenI’m dry yeah yeah and they’re okay sowe’re gonna put them on a pan right noweggs egg juicy days laughter there’sstill eggs nobody either use them butyep okay worst dish I can do it you wantthem yeahrock’n’roll we rock and roll baby that’sso hard almost you know okay are youready mm-hmmman Wayne little one good idea you cando one okay I’ll do one twoThanks can you do one you do one oh youcan’t don’t move it just like that seejust like Katie you don’t do more I’mdown almost broke did you don’t do it Ialready did ithere you do right there don’t move itjust push really hard okay you’re goodthis is I do a couple yeahthen you’ll do more yeah[Music]he’s getting hot because of the air yeahthe way Turnitin insert the furniture wedid silly face out the camera yeah youcan’t see you see here I can’t see yaokaythat one it out again black go we’realmost making the heart shape or or abacon chill out of you guys yeah can Ido them really fast you can do one okayyou do one right here okay those are all[Music][Music][Music]can do a couplewe’re not right here push push pushokay hey that was all the cookie guttersyeah this heart shapes yes sir and you[Music]what I’m gonna do the rest of the EastGermans we’re not good morning bringsEaster time yeah okay so cute don’ttouch these it’s so cool looks like asnowman yeah[Music]

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