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Ashley’s Virtual Talent Show – Chocolate No Bake Cookies Tutorial

Our girls school is doing a VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW this week, and asked the kids to take vidoes of their talents and post them on their school Facebook page. Ashley automatically knew that the wanted to make a YouTube cooking video…CHOCOLATE NO-BAKE COOKIES nonetheless! It’s the perfect recipe for kids as there is no baking involved. You will need an adult to help with a few things, but it’s a fun project to work on together. The recipe is at the very end of the video too. Let us know if you’ve ever made these cookies, or if this will be your first time making them!

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Ashley and I’m in fourthgrade and I’m going to make no bakecookies as I care for fresh ingredientsthat go into the pan butter and milk andcocoa powder and vanilla and sugarfirst up is to put all the ingredientsinto the pan[Music][Applause]part you need an adult to help turn theheat to medium and stir while ispainting love that your pans with blackpaper make sure you scrape this side[Music]once we come to a boil find a two-minutetimer and leave it look out there getyour next ingredients ready we havethree cups of oats next you add peanutbutter in the next you get two spoonsmove it onto the panand let them cool down the code and theneverybody goes and then and then andthen it goes to[Music]

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